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  • DIY Halloween Costumes For Baby

    It’s almost Halloween! And you know what that means – time to stock up on candy for the tricker-treaters, find a pumpkin for carving and of course, pick out the perfect Halloween costume. If you’ve welcomed a new baby into your family this year then Halloween gives you a free pass to dress up your baby in a photo-worthy costume for pictures that you will enjoy for years to come.

    Finding the perfect Halloween costume for your little one doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Here are just a few simple, cute Halloween costumes that, with a little creativity, you can pull together on your own.

    Baby Superhero

    For your buddy Captain America or Wonder Woman, a superhero costume is not only appropriate, it is also easy to pull together from items you already have. Click here to see how suggests turning your little one into a superhero.

    Raggedy Ann

    This great baby costume idea from only requires your baby girl’s cutest dress and a simple wig beanie that sells for $25. Click here to see how to get the complete look.

    Popcorn Vendor

    Get your your popcorn! We thought this popcorn vendor costume for mom and baby was just too cute. Just decorate your baby carrier with a piece of cutout felt to resemble a popcorn bag and add popcorn pieces to a knit cap for baby. To top off the look, mom dresses in a white blouse and bow tie.

    Baby Tiger Lily

    If you have some extra time and a want to really go all out, this Baby Tiger Lily Costume idea from Martha Stewart Living is not only creative and beautiful, we also love that it incorporates both mom and baby into the same costume.  Click here to read complete directions on how to make either the orange tiger lily version or a pink stargazer lily.

  • Clever Ways To Deliver Your Baby Well Wishes

    Often times the delivery of a new baby brings with it an increase in another type of deliveries – mail! New moms and dads are often inundated with cards filled with well wishes for their new bundle of joy from as early as the pregnancy is announced to weeks following the birth. We’ve come across a bundle of fun baby card ideas that we thought we’d deliver directly to your computer screen. Make your baby well-wishes stand out with these unique baby card ideas.

    Then Comes Baby In A Baby Carriage

    This cute and crafty baby carriage card is just too adorable. Use it for either a baby shower invitation or as  a traditional congratulations card for a new baby. The coolest part is, it's handmade. Here’s how you can recreate the card yourself.

    Milestone Baby Cards

    A great gift idea for new parents, milestone baby cards highlight a number of different milestones in a new baby’s life from the first time baby eats solid foods, to the first time baby says mama, and many more. Each card includes a space to write in the date the event takes place. Parents can keep them in a baby book, or take a picture with the dated card and baby at the time of the achievement. You can check out the whole line of milestone baby cards here.

    For The New Mom

    Let’s face it pregnancy isn’t a cakewalk, why not focus on the positive? And laugh a little too? We thought this card available on Esty accomplished both goals.

    Gift Messaging

    Does your favorite new mom-to-be live far away? Why not send her a Blooming Bath? We’ve recently added Gift Messaging on our website so you can add a personal note to your Blooming Bath gift for free. It's available now on our website order page.

  • We're Blooming Bath and We Approve This Message

    It’s voting season and we’re not just talking political races here. Like us, you are probably getting inundated with all sorts of campaign literature for political candidates running for office and various ballot measures from your home state. It can all be overwhelming can’t it? Especially when you have a little one at home to take care of.

    That’s why we’d like to ask you to take a break from it all and vote for something you know well -- your favorite baby bath!

    Blooming Bath is currently up for two awards and we’d like ask you for your vote to help us win!

    SheKnows, a leading parenting and pregnancy website has nominated the Blooming Bath among its list of best baby bathtubs for 2012! Just click here to vote!  Along with voting for your favorite baby bath (we hope you choose the Blooming Bath), you can also vote for your favorite baby toys, crafts, educational gear and more. Let your voice be heard!

    In addition to being nominated for one of the best baby baths of the year, Blooming Bath is also up for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Innovation Awards – Parents Choice, at the upcoming ABC Kids Expo. The Blooming Bath was preselected as a finalist by a panel of experts.  And you the parents get to vote for your favorite! Simply click here and vote for your favorite! Once you vote, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to Babies R Us. Good luck! Voting ends on Oct. 10 at noon and the winner will be announced on Oct. 14.

    This message has been brought to you by the Committee for Better Baby Bathing.

  • Blooming Bath Perfect for the Tech-Minded

    Here at Blooming Bath, we've always thought of our baby bath design as a revolutionary new and comfortable way to bathe baby. And now, we're happy to say that we're not the only ones who think so. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article featured the Blooming Bath on their list as one of the high-tech baby items that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer might just purchase for her new baby boy due in October.

    The article touted the Blooming Bath as the perfect accompaniment to bath time. "For the times when the Yahoo CEO wants to make a splash at home, this foam-filled bath cushion shaped like a flower fits the bill. Soft for baby yet substantial enough to fill the sink, the Blooming Bath provides a convenient and fun way to bathe baby," the article says.

    Along with the Blooming Bath, other high-tech baby must haves include a Wifi onesie that actually monitors the baby's breathing, temperature and body position and a futuristic looking baby crib that rocks babies up to five months without tipping over and resembles a baby bubble bed.

    Read the full list of high-tech baby must haves, because you don't have to the CEO of a giant online media company to appreciate the latest baby product innovations.

  • Pink and Blue: Have They Always Meant Girl and Boy?

    Today, it seems everything baby related, from clothes, to baby showers and yes, even baby baths follow the same standard – pink is for girls, blue is for boys. But did you know that it wasn’t always that way?

    We stumbled upon a very interesting article from recently that delves into the history of the pink/girl, boy/blue phenomenon that seems to have taken over American baby apparel. The story reminded us that it was the custom into the late 1800s to dress baby boys in dresses (and white frilly ones at that) until they were about 7, when they got their first haircut.

    By the early 1900s department stores then took on the role of dictating to parents what was in vogue for children’s fashion. For example this snippet from a 1918 Earnshaw’s Infants Department publication: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty is prettier for the girl.”

    It wasn’t until the 1940s that American partialities took over and the colors flip-flopped. And when feminism surged in the 1970s baby clothes became more neutral with girls being dressed in decidedly less-feminine looking outfits. In fact, you couldn't even find pink baby clothing in the Sears Roebuck catalog for two years, the story reports.

    By the late 1980s the advent of gender testing made it possible to know the sex of your baby and then shop for boy or girl “appropriate” items, which caused a surge in pink, blue and “gender neutral” colored items.

    The same color conundrum seems to come into play when the décor of a baby shower comes up. If the parents-to-be are waiting to find out the sex of the baby, then they decorate the party with lime, orange, yellow and grey colors. Some parents are now even surprising their guests with an announcement of the sex of their baby at the shower. We’re hearing an increasingly popular trend is known as a baby reveal baby shower, where the mom-to-be will cut the cake to show either a pink or blue cake inside to signify the coming of a baby girl or boy.

    While using pink and blue is a culturally accepted and easy way to let the world know the sex of your baby, there’s nothing wrong with bathing your baby boy in a pink baby bath, I mean, its not like your sending him to pre-school in a white frilly dress.

  • New Blooming Bath Giveaway and Review

    Since we get so many emails and Facebook posts asking us about upcoming discounts and deals on our Blooming Bath products, we wanted to let you know about a new giveaway going on right now! Blooming Bath has teamed up with the And Then There Were 5 mommy blog which will soon be giving away a Blooming Bath to one lucky winner.

    Entering to win is easy, just visit their website and click on the enter to win tab. You can enter using your Facebook account or email address. But hurry, you only have 10 days before the winner is drawn. While you're there, be sure to read Jessica's great review of the Blooming Bath. We're excited to hear that Jessica's daughter Natalie no longer "cries and thrashes around" during her bath time. With the Blooming Bath petals providing a comfortable cushion of support, Natalie now enjoys her baths with a beautiful smile on her little face. We're sure she's not the only one smiling. Thanks for the great review Jessica and good luck to everyone who enters to win. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming giveaways and special offers!

  • Is Too Much Bathing Bad for Baby?

    An interesting new report out in Scotland links the frequency of baby baths to a rise in prescription medications for allergies. Since 2002, the number of allergy prescriptions has shot up to nearly 1.5 million from less than 900,000, the report said.

    One of the reasons experts gave for the rise in allergy prescriptions may surprise many American parents: too many baths given to young babies. One expert said that when infants are bathed every night, it can take away important oils that protect baby's skin and can later cause them to develop allergies or skin problems like eczema.

    Experts recommended only bathing young children about once or twice a week to help lesson the advent of future skin problems, allergies and even asthma. When parents do bath their babies, it’s  important to use simple products like a mild soap rather than fancy oils and bubble baths. The report also mentioned a study that showed using peanut-based creams and oils on young babies can also increase their chances of having a peanut allergy down the road.

    Of course, as parents, we all know that babies get messy often, which makes us want to bathe them more. Another option instead of giving your baby a full soap and water bath every night, is to use your Blooming Bath to give your baby a sponge baths when the need arises and a regular bath once or twice a week.

  • Shop For Your Blooming Bath At A Retailer Near You!

    Buying your Blooming Bath for babies just got easier. Whether you live in Los Angeles, California or Toronto, Canada, now it’s easy to find a Blooming Bath retailer near you!

    Just go to and click on our Store Locator link in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will be redirected to a search page where you can put in your address, city and state or zip code and you will be provided with the address and phone numbers of stores in your area that are carrying the Blooming Bath! You can set the retailer locator to search stores within 25, 50 or 100 miles of your set location.

    From San Diego, to Chicago, to New York City, and everywhere in between, we have partnered with some wonderful retail stores ready to sell you one of the most adorable baby baths on the market!

    Just remember, it’s always a good idea to call the store ahead of time to make sure that they have the Blooming Bath color in stock that you want to purchase. If there don’t seem to be any stores near you carrying the Blooming Bath, be sure to check back often. The number of retailers carrying our products is growing everyday. In the meantime, you can always find your favorite Blooming Bath colors and Puddle Baby Bath Washcloths in stock and ready to order on our website.  Happy shopping!

  • A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

    When we asked our customers to share photos of their adorable babies with their Blooming Baths, we knew we’d get a bouquet of wonderful baby pictures. And we most definitely did. Many of the photos are simply too cute for words! Check them out for yourself here.

    We love hearing and seeing how much you and your babies are enjoying your Blooming Baths during bath time. After seeing hundreds of your photos and reading your comments, we know without a doubt that the Blooming Bath is in fact the MOST adorable way to bathe baby. Hands down! The proof is on the face of every baby in these pictures - whether smiling, laughing, and yes, even sleeping.

    We encourage you to continue adding your photos to our Customer Photos Folder or Wall on Facebook and to follow us on Instagram - @bloomingbath. Don’t forget to tag those photos #bloomingbath. We plan on having a photo contest soon and would love to see all of your adorable babies entered. Details to come. In the meantime, keep enjoying your Blooming Baths and keep snapping those adorable baby photos, they grow up so fast!

  • Blooming Bath Goes Global!

    The Blooming Bath is quickly blossoming around the world! Here at Blooming Bath we are excited to be shipping Blooming Bath orders internationally from our warehouse in Southern California every day,  as we introduce babies and parents to one of the most comfortable and adorable baby baths on the market. We are also excited to announce a number of new distribution partners, which means our international customers can now order and receive their new Blooming Baths faster and cheaper than ever before!

    We have recently teamed up with Hip Mommies based in Toronto, Canada to serve our Canadian clientele. We are thrilled to partner with Hip Mommies, Canada’s leading purveyor of boutique baby products. Now, our Canadian fans can place their Blooming Bath order directly at the Hip Mommies website and have their Blooming Bath delivered in just 3 to 5 business days.

    We’ve have also secured a partnership with a German/Scandinavian distributor which will sell Blooming Baths in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg and Holland. European customers can visit to place their orders.

    Blooming Bath is also continuing to grow in the U.S. with new domestic wholesale agreements. If you have a store and are interested in carrying the Blooming Bath for babies, be sure to contact us at:

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