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  • Baby's First Thanksgiving. What's On The Menu?

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While you and your family are chowing down on turkey and all the fixings what will your new baby be eating for his or her very first Thanksgiving?

    Turns out, the Thanksgiving menu lends itself to some great, healthy food options for babies.

    The folks over at have put together list of baby food menu items for Thanksgiving that makes even our mouths water.

    Here are the highlights:

    Pureed sweet potatoes for babies as young as 6 months. Keep the milk and butter out, but instead add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg. Older babies who are used to solid foods can have slices of steamed sweet potatoes. Same goes for russet potatoes, butternut squash and pumpkin.

    String beans cooked and cut into bite sized pieces are a tasty and healthy Thanksgiving option for babies.

    For babies who are eating solid foods, small bits of turkey are the perfect introduction to their first Thanksgiving holiday.

    While we suggest holding off on the pumpkin pie for a few years, a great sweet for ending baby’s first Thanksgiving meal is apples. Boiling apples to make them soft before running through a processor for a sweet, homemade apple sauce makes the perfect ending to the meal.

    Then, just wait for the tryptophan to set in and baby's first Thanksgiving will end in a blissful nap that will have mom and dad extremely thankful.

    Photo credit: Beth Nazario

  • Winter Baby On the Way? Get Ready for an Early Crawler

    Despite winter officially being another month away, it’s getting darker earlier and the snow has already started to fly in certain parts of the country. All signs, winter is coming.

    If you are one of those who dreads the winter, there is a bit of good news for moms who are expecting to have winter babies.

    A new study out from the Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology reports that babies born in the winter start crawling, on average, five weeks sooner than babies who are born in the summer months.

    The reason? Their wardrobe. That’s right. According to authors of the report, the ability to crawl earlier than their counterparts has nothing to do with athletic ability or smarts, it simply boils down to seasonal outfits.

    The journal article says that babies born in the winter are ready to start crawling in the summer months and have the advantage of wearing less layers and less restrictive clothing. They also spend more time on the ground which gives them extra strength in their limbs and muscles. Summer days are also longer, making way for more time to play.

    Babies born in the summer months, by contrast, are often heavily bundled and found in the arms of caregivers at the 7 to 10 month-mark when most babies typically start crawling.

    The study classified “winter babies” as those born between December and May and “summer babies” as those between June and November.

    The winter or spring babies began crawling in an average of 30 weeks while the babies born in summer and fall began crawling at 35 weeks.

    So if you are due in the next few months, get ready to start baby proofing your house by early summer.

    Photo credit: Elizabeth

  • Blooming Bath Now Available in More Than 500 Babies"R"Us Stores

    Last year, Blooming Bath was excited to announce that the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub was going to be featured online at Babies"R"

    Today, we are ecstatic to let you know that the Blooming Bath will also now be featured in more than 500 Babies “R” Us retail stores across the nation.

    That means you can find the adorable, safe and comfortable baby bathtub popping up on store shelves at your closest Babies”R”Us store.

    Babies”R”Us is part of the well-known Toys”R”Us brand and features a wide assortment of products for newborns and infants including: baby furniture, strollers, car seats, diapers, formula, bedding, clothing and a wide assortment of baby gift items.

    The canary yellow Blooming Bath for babies is available in Babies"R"Us stores now for just $39.99 and the turquoise Blooming Bath will be added to store shelves in January.

    Check to see where your closest Babies”R”Us is carrying the Blooming Bath for babies by going to our store locator and plugging in your address.

    You can also find the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub in stock in turquoise, canary yellow and hot pink, along with our Blooming Bath petals washcloths and mini bloomin scrubbies online at Babies”R” Our line up of baby bathing products are also available on the Babies”R”Us baby gift registry.

    Babies”R”Us offers a convenient online and in-store baby registry that eliminates the guesswork and geographic barriers of gift-buying so friends and relatives can easily go to any store location or to choose and send the perfect gift. As many of you know, The Blooming Bath for babies bathtub makes a perfect baby shower gift for first-time and experienced parents alike.

    Don't forget to check out the Blooming Bath products next time your visit Babies”R”Us! With the holidays coming up it's also a great gift item for expecting parents.

  • The Pin It To Win It Contest Is Here Thru 11/7


    It’s giveaway time! Are you ready for it? Good. Let’s get to it then.

    Blooming Bath is hosting a Pin it to Win it contest for a chance to win a gift certificate worth $50 to We’ll be awarding gift cards to 3 lucky winners.

    So, what do you need to do to win? It’s easy. Just click here. Then, enter your email address, follow us on Pinterest and pin at least one Blooming Bath image on Pinterest and you’re entered! It's as easy as that.

    The good news is you can enter as many times as you like because there is no limit on the number of entries or times you can pin. The more you pin, the better your chances of winning. And who doesn't want a gift certificate to buy the plush, adorable and cozy Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub? It's a great addition to your baby bath supplies, or the perfect gift for a baby shower.

    Our winners will be announced on November 7, which means you have a week to get pinning! What are you waiting for?

    Best of luck!

  • Baby Names for Fall

    Photo credit: ljholloway Photography

    The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp and pumpkins are being carved. It's definitely autumn.

    Whether you are celebrating the birth of a new baby, throwing a baby shower, or just enjoying the colors of the season, we thought we share some baby names perfectly fit for fall.

    Fall-Inspired Names for Baby Girls

    Fall-Inspired Names for Baby Boys

    What are your favorite fall baby names?

  • The Blooming Bath is Perfect for Preemies


    If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Blooming Bath Facebook Page lately you may have noticed some adorable pictures (and praise) sent along from parents of preemies who have been using the Blooming Bath to bathe their tiny ones.

    "The Blooming Bath is the best bath tub made for preemies. She's just 34 weeks in this photo." says @empoweringmommy

    Preemies are babies born at least three weeks before their due date.

    It got us thinking about how premature births seem to be more common these days, which led us to seek out some statistics. Here’s what we found from the March of Dimes:

    * The United States has one of the highest numbers of premature births for a developed nation.

    * There are an estimated 450,000 premature births each year.

    * That averages out to about 1 in 9 of the babies being born are premature.

    The March of Dimes has created a report card by state for premature births. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Oregon, California and Alaska are the only states that get an A. Visit their site to see how your state ranks.

    You're probably also wondering if there are things you can do to try to prevent a premature birth? Yes! Some of the important things you can do is talk to your doctor and go in for regular checkups throughout your pregnancy.

    In addition, it’s important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid, controlling health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, eating healthy and avoiding smoking, alcohol and drugs.

    For more information about premature births and what is being done to raise awareness, visit the March of Dimes.

  • New Product Sneak Preview: Hooded Towels

    For those of you who love the look and comfort of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub, we have good news! We've got a brand new, adorable baby bath item coming your way in 2015. Blooming Bath is excited to announced our new hooded towel, due out in January 2015.

    As you can see from the sneak peek below, the hooded towel incorporates many of the great characteristics of our popular Blooming Baths. Your little ones can soon be surrounded by the soft touch and coziness of Blooming Bath petals in and out of the tub and long after bath time has ended. Can't wait to wrap up your little blossoms in this much adorableness? We can't wait either. These one-of-a-kind towel hoodies will be available in blue, hot pink and canary yellow and will retail for $29.99.

    Stay tuned for more details on the release coming in early 2015!

  • September Is Baby Safety Month

    In addition to September being prime time back to school time, it also happens to be Baby Safety Month. The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) designated the month as such more than two decades ago as a way to teach both parents and caregivers on how important it is to safely choose and use baby products.

    In honor of Baby Safety Month, Blooming Bath thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the best ways to keep your baby safe during bathtime. Whether you bathe your baby in the sink or the tub, handling a wet, slippery baby can often pose challenges, if not downright dangers! Especially for new parents, a few tips can go a long way when it comes to baby safety.

    One of the best ways to keep your baby safe during bathing is to use the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub. The soft, cushioned petals keep your baby in a cocoon of luxurious softness that keeps them protected from hard surfaces and other objects like sink faucets or hard sink or tub edges. Another great thing about the Blooming Bath is that it props your baby up keeping them supported above the water.

    Which brings us the most important safety tip for baby bathing, NEVER leave your baby unattended during bathtime. Even when there is very little water, there could still be a chance for drowning if a baby is left alone. Experts suggest always keeping a hand on baby during bath time.

    In addition to drowning dangers, another common safety concern during bath time is using the appropriate water temperature for bathing. To be extra careful, think about setting your hot water heater to 120 degrees F so the water temperature can't get hot enough to cause burns. Also, be sure to fill the bath and test the water with your wrist before putting baby in. If you are worried about baby getting too cold while in the tub, a handy solution is to increase the temperature in the room you are bathing them in rather than the water temperature.

    You can learn more about Baby Safety Month at the organization's Facebook Page. They also do lots of great giveaways so be sure to check them out!

  • Getting Babies Ready for Back to School

    In case you missed all of the adorable photos being posted on Facebook and Instagram this week by proud parents, the back to school season has officially arrived. While your little one may not be quite ready for a backpack and crayons yet, it’s never too soon to start getting your baby ready for school and learning through your daily activities and interactions.

    Here are just a few things that the National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families recommends parents do to get their babies and infants ready for learning.

    Communication and Language

    When it comes to your baby’s language and communication skills, one of the best things parents can do is to read, sing and tell stories to their babies from an early age. Doing so helps them understand words and ideas early on. Babies typically start using words around the age of one. When baby’s start talking, and even before, it’s important for parents to repeat words, sounds and phrase back to their children and have back and forth conversations.

    Thinking Skills

    One of the best ways to get your infants to start thinking is by asking them questions and having them use logic to think through their answers. Using play time and daily activities is a great way to do this. Using bath time to help them understand the difference between wet and dry, toys floating or sinking or water being hot or cold are all perfect opportunities to teach your little ones new concepts.

    Self Confidence

    Before the back to school bell rings for your child, instilling a sense of self confidence from a young age will do wonders for their long-term education. You can help your child along by being encouraging and supportive while letting them work through the answers to problems. Praise for tasks well done also goes a long way.

    Want more tips for getting your little ones ready for back to school? Check out this Early Learning Handout.

    Photo credit:

  • Head Into Labor (Day Weekend) With Free Gifts!

    Here at Blooming Bath, we are headed into labor. Labor Day weekend that is. And we guarantee to make it as painless as possible for new moms (who will soon be going through the real thing) and their friends and family members, because we are celebrating the Labor Day Weekend with free gifts!

    That’s right, starting today, we are giving away our Mini Bloom Scrubbie and a Munchkin Safety Bath Duck when you buy a Blooming Bath for babies bathtub. It’s like having triples – three for the price of one!

    All you have to do to get our Labor Day deal is click below!

    Choose the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub color of your choice: Canary Yellow, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Ivory or Green, along with your choice of Mini Bloom Scrubbie in Canary Yellow, Hot Pink or Turquoise. Mix and match your colors or stick with one color scheme – it’s up to you. Then, we’ll also throw in an adorable yellow Munchkin Safety Bath Duck.

    It’s the ultimate baby shower gift, or a nice treat for expecting moms and dads. Experience bathing your new baby in the plush and comforting petals of the Blooming Bath for babies, scrub them clean with the adorable and soft Srubbie, and make bathtime fun again with a classic rubber ducky.

    Our Labor Day deal will last through Thursday, September 5. Get your free gifts now and have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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