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  • Celebrate Spring With 20% off the Ivory Blooming Bath

    Have you heard? Blooming Bath is celebrating spring with a special Blooming Bath sale. For a limited time, we are offering 20 percent off our ivory color Blooming Bath. To take advantage, simply use the code “spring20” at checkout.

    The ivory color Blooming Bath for babies is a perfect gender-neutral color choice for both baby boys and girls and makes a great gift for parents who have decided not to find out the sex of their baby prior to delivery, which, according to recent statistics is just over 50 percent of people.

    A Gallup Poll from 2007 found that the public is divided as to whether or not they would want to know the sex of their baby before hand. More than 6 in 10 American women ages 18-34 said that they would like to know the sex of the baby before it is born. Parents who already have children were also more likely to want to find out the gender of their child. Overall, 51 percent of Americans polled said that they would wait until the baby is born, while 47 percent said they wanted to be surprised.

    If you are one of those in the majority who would like to be surprised, there are a number of good reasons to endure the suspense. Here are just a few:

    1. It makes the birth all that more exciting – When you’ve been waiting nine months to find out whether you are having a little prince or princess, the anticipation is all the better once you find out. Your friends and family members will also be more excited to take part in the birth.

    2. Your baby won't be typecast -  Especially when it comes to baby clothing, you won’t be inundated with a multitude of cute pink dresses (that your baby will probably never wear before growing out of them) or all blue attire for that matter.

    3. It’s fun to guess -   Not knowing your baby’s gender leaves open the chance for everyone to be able to test out their own wives tale or intuition on how to determine if your are carrying a boy or girl.

    4. You get to explore with fun colors- Not knowing means you can center your baby’s nursery theme and clothing around the entire rainbow of colors and not just pink and blue. It also means that your little one can get an adorable ivory Blooming Bath for babies at 20 percent off. Don’t forget to use the code “spring20” at checkout!

  • Spring-Inspired Baby Names for the First Day of Spring


    Today is the first day of spring! At Blooming Bath, when we think of spring, we naturally think of blooming flowers, warm weather and of course, baby announcements. While the highest number of births in the U.S. happen in the month of September, it’s no surprise that spring is the time most people find out they are pregnant and start planning for the arrival of their new bundles of joy.

    Part of the planning process is to settle on the perfect baby name. In the spirit of the first day of spring, we wanted to share SheKnows’ list of spring-inspired baby names. While the girls names are largely inspired by the flowers of the field, the boys names reflect many of the natural elements associated with the season. Which one would you pick for your new baby?

    Spring Girl Names

    Lily, Rose, Tulip, Violet, Petunia, Daffy (short for Daffodil), Azalea, Iris, Ivy, Marigold, Dahlia, Lilac, Primrose, Leilani, Orchid, Fleuer, Lotus, Calla

    Some of the non-garden variety spring names include: April, Spring and of course, March

    Spring Boy Names

    Thorn, Breeze, Hawk, Saffron, Stor, Talon, Falcon, Phoenix, Cedar, Rain, Sonny, Granite, Slate, Breeze, Blaze, Dusk, Cloud, Buzz, Lon

    Boys names meaning "spring" or "lives by the spring" include: Aviv, Kelby, Kingswell, Weldon and Maxwell

    Whether you are looking forward to the arrival of your own spring baby, or celebrating someone else’s, nothing is more adorable (or spring-like) than a baby bathing in a super plush and comfortable Blooming Bath. Order yours today!

  • O Canada! You're Talking About the Blooming Bath

    Buzz around the Blooming Bath has been growing just like those little ones and most recently, it’s our neighbors to the north who’ve been talking up the most adorable and comfortable way to bathe baby.

    The Blooming Bath was most recently featured on Canada’s Breakfast Television Toronto morning show.  Parenting expert Nanny Robina Uddin included the Blooming Bath in her list of the Latest Baby & Kid’s Gadgets, touting how the Blooming Bath provides “a little cushion for baby’s tush” and how it’s an ideal solution for bathing new babies in the sink. With more than 30 years as a nanny and governess on her resume, we know she’s pretty choosy about recommending new baby products, so we’re excited to have made the cut.

    Prior to our Canadian television debut, Canadian mom bloggers and magazines have also been singing the praises of the Blooming Bath to their fellow Canucks. Tennille, a mom and Saskatchewan-based owner of the Feisty Frugal & Fabulous blog boasted not only of how comfortable the bath is for both mom and baby, but also how perfect it is for photos.

    Canadian Family Magazine, the leading online parenting destination for all things baby and family was also kind enough to talk up the Blooming Bath baby bathtub in a recent piece, calling it a Simple Solution to the Uncomfortable Baby Bathing Problem.

    With so much press in Canada, we wanted to make sure that all of our Canadian customers know how to get their hands on their own Blooming Bath. While we ship to Canada directly from our website, we also have a network of distributors and retail establishments – from Vancouver to Toronto – that sell the Blooming Bath on our behalf. Mastermind Toys, Westcoast Kids and Buy Buy Baby are just a few examples.

    If you live in Canada and are looking for the best way to buy your Blooming Bath for your baby or for your next baby shower, be sure to visit our store locator page to find a store near you!

  • Blooming Bath ♥'s Operation Shower


    At Blooming Bath, we love all things baby shower-related, from talking baby shower themes and decorations, to hunting for the best baby shower gifts, to finding tips on baby shower registries. So when we heard about the nonprofit organization Operation Shower, whose motto is: “Supporting our military families by delivering baby showers – one amazing shower at a time,” we just had to get in on the celebration.

    For those of you who haven’t heard about Operation Shower, it’s an amazing nonprofit organization that helps provide baby showers for military families to ease the stress of deployment.

    As anyone whose been pregnant knows, expecting a baby can be stressful enough for moms-to-be, but for women in military families the stress can be compounded by the deployment of spouses and living far from immediate family.

    In March 2007, LeAnn Morrissey wanted to give back to the military. She was asked to send cards to 4 women who were expecting babies while their spouses were deployed. She did them one better and sent the women a baby shower in a box. Soon, Operation Shower was born. The organization started hosting baby showers for military families providing support and high-quality products. As of January 2013, the organization has hosted baby showers for more than 1,000 women and families. They’ve head 30 unit-wide showers on bases across the country.

    National sponsors like Babies R Us and others have also signed on to support the organization.  Blooming Bath is also proud be a supporter of the organization, having recently participated in the organization’s Hawaii baby shower, where the Blooming Bath for babies was just one of a number of amazing items donated to expecting military moms.

    Congratulations to all the military families out there expecting new babies. We love our troops and their families!

  • Blooming Bath Called 'Most Trendy Baby Registry Item For 2013'

    Struggling to find the perfect baby shower gift? Looking for a gift that will not only be useful to the new parents to-be, but will also elicit the oohs and ahhs from those in attendance at the baby shower? Then you might just want to take the advice of president, who recently named the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub among “the trendiest baby registry items in 2013.”

    For those of you who aren’t familiar, allows users to create their gift registries (baby, wedding, graduation, housewarming, etc.) from virtually any store in the world that sells their goods online. The universal registry site also allows user to sync gift registries from larger retailers like Target, Macy’s, Crate and Barrel and many more.

    You can find the Blooming Bath for sale in the MyRegistry Baby Store, or buy it directly from Blooming Bath for your next baby shower. If you are expecting and in the midst of planning your own baby gift registry, don’t forget to add the Blooming Bath to your registry through the MyRegistry tab on the Blooming Bath page. You can also register for your new Blooming Bath online at No matter how you register for your new baby bathtub, be sure to do it fast.

    As one of the leaders in online gift registries, we’re pretty sure’s  predictions are right on about the Blooming Bath being a hot gift item for 2013. The Blooming Bath is not only one of the most adorable ways to bathe your baby, it is also one of the most comfortable baths for both baby and parents. Find out what all the fuss is about and register for your new Blooming Bath today!

  • Cast Your Ballot, Get Votes, Win a Blooming Bath


    Want to win a Blooming Bath while also getting input from family and friends on the perfect name for your new baby? You’re in luck! Blooming Bath has partnered with Belly Ballot for our next giveaway and it’s going on right now!

    For those of you who don’t know, Belly Ballot is the website that lets new parents create a “Belly Ballot” of the favorite baby names they are considering for their newborn. Parents can then share the list of potential names with friends and family members via their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Your contacts provide input, feedback, suggestions and vote on the names they like best to help you decide your baby’s new moniker.

    To win, all you have to do is go to the Belly Ballot prize page.  From there you can create your very own Belly Ballot, selecting the baby names you like the most. Share your Belly Ballot with friends and family members and get votes on their favorite baby names. The Belly Ballot that gets the most votes throughout the week will win a Blooming Bath for babies bathtub of your color choice.

    Hurry and fill out your ballot now so you can get the most votes and win a Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for your new baby. The contest is going on now and ends Thursday!

  • Goodbye Dragon, Hello Snake

    It’s a brand new year. A brand new lunar year, that is. On Feb.10 millions of people around the world celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year. The event brought the close of the Year of the Dragon and ushered in the Year of the Snake.

    The Chinese lunar calendar consists of 12 zodiac signs and the Dragon is said to be one of the luckiest signs to be born under. Even as the year came to a close, newly expecting parents in countries around the world were rushing to the hospital to deliver ‘lucky’ dragon babies.

    According to news reports, the number of babies born during this past Dragon Year were the highest numbers of the decade, at 42,600.  The increase marks a 7 percent jump over the number of babies born in 2011. In Singapore alone there were 40,000 more births over 2011 figures.

    Those parents who will now be welcoming babies born under the Snake sign are said to be looking forward to raising children who are polite, humble, energetic, smart and patient, but also at times demanding and cunning.

    This year is also a water year so Snake babies are expected to be more adaptable and will easily tolerate others. In addition, babies born between now and the next Chinese New Year (on Jan. 31) will be charming, sociable and attractive.

    Some of the well-known people born in past Snake Years include Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Franz Schubert, Alfred Nobel and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  • Blooming Bath Launches on

    The Blooming Bath for babies has hit the bulls eye!  That’s right, Blooming Bath is excited to announce that retail sales of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub have launched online at, one of our favorite retailers! The Blooming Bath can now be purchased directly from The online store is currently selling three of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub styles: canary yellow, hot pink and turquoise, for just $40.00.

    Within the next few months, Blooming Bath is hoping to also be added to Target’s brick and mortar line-up of baby products so you may soon be able to buy your favorite baby bath in your neighborhood Target store!

    For now, you can buy your Blooming Bath for babies bathtub at Target’s online store along with all of your other must-have baby purchases like strollers, car seats, diapers and so much more.

    In addition to now being able to shop directly for the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub on, new parents can also add the Blooming Bath to their Target Baby Gift Registry so all of your friends and family members can see that you want to be gifted the Blooming Bath for your baby shower. Buying the Blooming Bath bathtub for friends and family members who are expecting a baby has never been easier, especially if you already have an online account with The most adorable baby bath experience is just a few clicks away.

    Blooming Bath is ecstatic about catching the eye of Target store buyers who are known for choosing products for its online marketplace and stores that embody fun, smart and affordable design. Now, there's one more way to order the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for your baby or for the expecting parents in your life.

  • Giving a Gift That is Always in Bloom

    When it comes to shopping for gifts for friends and family members who are expecting, it can be difficult to say the least. Many times new parents want to wait until the baby is born to know whether it is a boy or a girl, but the baby shower is held months in advance. Other times, parents may find out the sex of their baby, but already have special color themes picked out for their nursery and baby products.

    When shopping for baby shower gifts for the soon-to-be parents, there are a number of ways you can shop at Blooming Bath to ensure that you still getting the new parents exactly what they want.  Here are just a few of the ways to do so:

    Gift Registry – Blooming Bath has partnered with which allows new parents to create one online wish list of all the baby items they want. Check to see if the new mom and dad has a gift registry that you can peruse to get an idea of the different types of products and colors they are asking for. You can also mention the site to them and encourage them to join, so you can get a better sense of what they want for their new baby.

    Gift Card – Giving a gift card is a great way to ensure that new moms and dads get exactly what they want for their new baby. And, it’s easy on the giver too. All you need to do is visit the Blooming Bath Gift Card page. Once purchased, you will receive an email confirmation with a gift code valid to use on the website. You can either forward along the code to your gift recipient or print it out and wrap it up to go with other items. A Blooming Bath gift card is also a good choice if you can’t attend the baby shower or live far away and don’t want to have to ship a gift.

    Buy Neutral – If you are attending the baby shower and want a gift that is sure to elicit oohs and ahhs from all present than there is no better way than to gift the new mom a Blooming Bath bath tub for babies. If you’re not sure if the baby is a boy or girl, you can always choose a neutral color like our canary yellow or ivory. Both are adorable and appropriate for any new baby.

  • Blooming Bath Giveaways Galore!

    It’s the beginning of a new year and if you (and your checkbook) are still recovering from a bout of overspending from the holiday season, then we have some good news. There are a ton of Blooming Bath giveaways going on right now. So whether you are in the market for a Blooming Bath bathtub for your own little bundle of joy, or for a baby shower gift, there’s never been a better time to get one, absolutely free!

    Blooming Bath has paired up with some of the most popular mom blogs out there who have been testing, reviewing and bragging out the Blooming Bath on their sites and are now hosting giveaways to their lucky readers. Here are just a few of the giveaways that you can enter right now:

    blooming bath

    First Time Mom and Dad - This blog chronicles the lives of a first time mom and dad and their son Oliver. The first-timers were so impressed with the Blooming Bath that the first time dad is adding his tested and approved seal to the product (something we are told he rarely does). For the next four days, you can enter to win a Blooming Bath on their site. Click here to enter.

    Obviously Marvelous - Mar of Obviously Marvelous is an outspoken mom and a bargain shopper who knows what she likes. We’re lucky that the Blooming Bath for babies is on that list. And for the next fourteen days, you can enter to win the Blooming Bath on her blog. Click here to enter to win.

    The Bragging Mommy - Not one, but two mommies have been bragging about the Blooming Bath on The Bragging Mommy Blog. Moms Heidi and Kim both share their thoughts on the flower baby bathtub that is “unlike any other baby bath I’ve ever used.” Read more about what these moms think about the Blooming Bath and while you’re at it, enter to win one for yourself. You have until Jan. 30th and can enter once a day. There are also options to earn more entries by liking Blooming Bath on Facebook, following on Twitter or pinning on Pinterest. What are you waiting for?

    Life With Two Boys - The Life With Two Boys blog is offering the granddaddy of all Blooming Bath giveaways. The giveaways starts today and runs through February 11th. One lucky winner will receive a Blooming Bath Bathing Kit complete with a Blooming Bath (your choice of color), 4 Blooming Bath puddles wash clothes and a full Baby Bee bath set. The whole shebang is valued at $69.99. You have 19 days left to enter to win. Click here to do so.

    Good luck!

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