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  • Blooming Bath Launches on

    The Blooming Bath for babies has hit the bulls eye!  That’s right, Blooming Bath is excited to announce that retail sales of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub have launched online at, one of our favorite retailers! The Blooming Bath can now be purchased directly from The online store is currently selling three of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub styles: canary yellow, hot pink and turquoise, for just $40.00.

    Within the next few months, Blooming Bath is hoping to also be added to Target’s brick and mortar line-up of baby products so you may soon be able to buy your favorite baby bath in your neighborhood Target store!

    For now, you can buy your Blooming Bath for babies bathtub at Target’s online store along with all of your other must-have baby purchases like strollers, car seats, diapers and so much more.

    In addition to now being able to shop directly for the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub on, new parents can also add the Blooming Bath to their Target Baby Gift Registry so all of your friends and family members can see that you want to be gifted the Blooming Bath for your baby shower. Buying the Blooming Bath bathtub for friends and family members who are expecting a baby has never been easier, especially if you already have an online account with The most adorable baby bath experience is just a few clicks away.

    Blooming Bath is ecstatic about catching the eye of Target store buyers who are known for choosing products for its online marketplace and stores that embody fun, smart and affordable design. Now, there's one more way to order the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for your baby or for the expecting parents in your life.

  • Giving a Gift That is Always in Bloom

    When it comes to shopping for gifts for friends and family members who are expecting, it can be difficult to say the least. Many times new parents want to wait until the baby is born to know whether it is a boy or a girl, but the baby shower is held months in advance. Other times, parents may find out the sex of their baby, but already have special color themes picked out for their nursery and baby products.

    When shopping for baby shower gifts for the soon-to-be parents, there are a number of ways you can shop at Blooming Bath to ensure that you still getting the new parents exactly what they want.  Here are just a few of the ways to do so:

    Gift Registry – Blooming Bath has partnered with which allows new parents to create one online wish list of all the baby items they want. Check to see if the new mom and dad has a gift registry that you can peruse to get an idea of the different types of products and colors they are asking for. You can also mention the site to them and encourage them to join, so you can get a better sense of what they want for their new baby.

    Gift Card – Giving a gift card is a great way to ensure that new moms and dads get exactly what they want for their new baby. And, it’s easy on the giver too. All you need to do is visit the Blooming Bath Gift Card page. Once purchased, you will receive an email confirmation with a gift code valid to use on the website. You can either forward along the code to your gift recipient or print it out and wrap it up to go with other items. A Blooming Bath gift card is also a good choice if you can’t attend the baby shower or live far away and don’t want to have to ship a gift.

    Buy Neutral – If you are attending the baby shower and want a gift that is sure to elicit oohs and ahhs from all present than there is no better way than to gift the new mom a Blooming Bath bath tub for babies. If you’re not sure if the baby is a boy or girl, you can always choose a neutral color like our canary yellow or ivory. Both are adorable and appropriate for any new baby.

  • Blooming Bath Giveaways Galore!

    It’s the beginning of a new year and if you (and your checkbook) are still recovering from a bout of overspending from the holiday season, then we have some good news. There are a ton of Blooming Bath giveaways going on right now. So whether you are in the market for a Blooming Bath bathtub for your own little bundle of joy, or for a baby shower gift, there’s never been a better time to get one, absolutely free!

    Blooming Bath has paired up with some of the most popular mom blogs out there who have been testing, reviewing and bragging out the Blooming Bath on their sites and are now hosting giveaways to their lucky readers. Here are just a few of the giveaways that you can enter right now:

    blooming bath

    First Time Mom and Dad - This blog chronicles the lives of a first time mom and dad and their son Oliver. The first-timers were so impressed with the Blooming Bath that the first time dad is adding his tested and approved seal to the product (something we are told he rarely does). For the next four days, you can enter to win a Blooming Bath on their site. Click here to enter.

    Obviously Marvelous - Mar of Obviously Marvelous is an outspoken mom and a bargain shopper who knows what she likes. We’re lucky that the Blooming Bath for babies is on that list. And for the next fourteen days, you can enter to win the Blooming Bath on her blog. Click here to enter to win.

    The Bragging Mommy - Not one, but two mommies have been bragging about the Blooming Bath on The Bragging Mommy Blog. Moms Heidi and Kim both share their thoughts on the flower baby bathtub that is “unlike any other baby bath I’ve ever used.” Read more about what these moms think about the Blooming Bath and while you’re at it, enter to win one for yourself. You have until Jan. 30th and can enter once a day. There are also options to earn more entries by liking Blooming Bath on Facebook, following on Twitter or pinning on Pinterest. What are you waiting for?

    Life With Two Boys - The Life With Two Boys blog is offering the granddaddy of all Blooming Bath giveaways. The giveaways starts today and runs through February 11th. One lucky winner will receive a Blooming Bath Bathing Kit complete with a Blooming Bath (your choice of color), 4 Blooming Bath puddles wash clothes and a full Baby Bee bath set. The whole shebang is valued at $69.99. You have 19 days left to enter to win. Click here to do so.

    Good luck!

  • That's a Wrap: Blooming Bath Returns From Hollywood

    We are excited to be back from Hollywood where Blooming Bath recently participated in the Boom Boom Room's Pre-Golden Globe Gifting Suite event for celebrities. Fashion guru Jayneoni Moore created the event as a way to connect celebs with the hottest, must-have products for babies and kids.

    The event was an amazing opportunity to share the Blooming Bath for babies – the most adorable baby bath on the market - and meet some wonderful parents and parents-to-be.

    Stars  like Scott Wolf, Ian Ziering, Lisa Ling and even singer Nikka Costa stopped by to pose with their new Blooming Baths. Here are just a few of the great shots that were captured at the event. To see more from the event, visit our Facebook Page.

  • Blooming Bath Goes to Hollywood for the Golden Globes

    Blooming Bath ( is headed to Hollywood to debut the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub, to some of the most well known stars of the big screen.

    Blooming Bath was hand-selected as a must-have baby product to be gifted to A-list celebrity moms and dads at the Boom Boom Room's Pre Golden Globe Gifting Suite. The event takes place in Los Angeles January 11th-12th.

    "Blooming Bath is excited to be a part of this star-studded gifting opportunity," said Blooming Bath President Brian Pond. "Celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian have already discovered the comfort and ease of using the Blooming Bath during baby bath time. Now we are excited to introduce this adorable and unique baby bath product to an even broader segment of parents."

    Recently called, "a must-have, smart solution" by Bobbie Thomas of the Today Show, the Blooming Bath for babies is a soft, plush flower that conforms to any sink or tub, providing babies 0-8 months a comfy, convenient and adorable bathing experience.

    TV personality and fashion guru Jayneoni Moore designed the Gifting Suite event so celebrity parents could connect with the hottest, must-have clothing, products and accessories for babies and kids. In addition to celebrities, the Boom Boom Room will host more than 400 REAL moms, military families, members of the media and store buyers.

    Blooming Bath is based in Southern California, the brainchild of four dads who were tired (and a little scared) of handling their slippery babies in hard plastic bathtubs. The Blooming Bath's quick-drying, foam-filled pedals create a safe, soft and supportive pouch that your precious little one will enjoy – guaranteed.

    Blooming Bath's recent accolades include:

  • Parenting Award for "Best Baby Bath Tub" (voted on by parents)
  • PTPA Award Winner (Parent Tested Parent Approved)
  • CoolMomPicks "The coolest new baby gear: Editors Best of 2012"
  • Blooming Bath Chosen as a Cool Mom Picks Editors' Best for 2012

    2012 may be over but Blooming Bath left the year with a bang being picked among the year’s coolest new baby gear products by Cool Mom Picks. The Blooming Bath was honored by being chose in Cool Mom Picks: Editors Best of 2012.

    The Blooming Bath is proud to be named a Pick of the Year for 2012 in the best baby shower gifts and coolest baby gifts and gear section. Cool Mom Picks chose the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub as a favorite because “it keeps little ones comfy and cozy in the bath, which if you’ve bathed a newborn, you know is a real feat.”

    The in-the-know authority on baby products also mentioned how wonderful the Blooming Bath bathtub is compared to traditional hard plastic tubs. “I still remember our big plastic baby bath that my husband and I used to break our backs trying to use in the bathtub. If only we had the Blooming Bath way back then, or really for any of our four babies,” the Cool Mom Pick’s Editor writes. We couldn't have said it better.

    At Blooming Bath we strive everyday to provide our customers and their little ones with the most adorable, comfortable bathing experience possible. We're excited to be recognized in 2012 by Cool Mom Picks and can't wait to see what 2013 holds for the Blooming Bath!

  • Need a Baby Name? Cast your Belly Ballot

    Here at Blooming Bath, we like to share news of the latest baby naming trends when we come upon them. We recently stumbled on a cool baby naming website that makes it easy to pick a list of your favorite baby names, share them with friends and family, get feedback and even win prizes.

    The site is called Belly Ballot and it allows new parents the ability to create a “belly ballot” of the top baby names they are considering for their newborns.  Through the site, you are able to share the list of potential baby names with your friends and family members via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. People in your social network can provide feedback and suggestions on your names and help you decide which you like best.

    When friends and family vote on the names, the parents-to-be also have the chance to win baby prizes. Once a name is chosen, the parents can announce it though Twitter or Facebook.

    In addition to helping parents figure out the perfect name, the site recently shared some of the baby name data it has collected, resulting in some interesting predictions for baby names in the coming year.

    Here are just of the few things the founders of the website are predicting when it comes to baby names in 2013.

    Multiple names – Parent’s are having a harder time sticking to just a first and a middle name. More and more parents it seems will be giving their children multiple names - up to as many as five!

    Throwback – Just like history often repeats itself, so do names. This year, we are likely to see more babies with names similar to the ones your grandma and grandpa have. A few examples: Charles, Eleanor, Pearl and Frank.

    Different spellings- In an effort to set their children apart, many parents are now spelling their child’s names differently from there traditional spellings. Jaxon and Jaxen have become a popular alternative to the more traditional Jackson. Other examples include Josilyn and Avah.

  • Welcome New Year's Babies

    Each December 31st while the majority of people are counting down to the start of the New Year, mothers in hospitals across the country are giving birth to babies who could become the first babies born in the New Year in their communities.

    New Years Babies are babies who are born on midnight, or within the first few minutes or hours of the New Year. Oftentimes, hospitals will celebrate the arrival of their first New Year Baby of the year by presenting the baby’s family with a gift package or gift certificates. In addition, local media outlets will report the names, weights and time of birth of the first few babies born in the New Year.

    Businesses have long donated baby gifts and merchandise to New Year Babies and their families. Along with getting free baby stuff and a little bit of fame, there are also a number of positive superstitions surrounding New Year’s Babies. One of the most prevalent beliefs is that the baby will be lucky for the rest of its life. It’s also been said that babies who are born on New Year’s have green thumbs and are very fertile.

    Throughout the course of history, there have been a number of well known individuals who are recognized as a New Year’s Baby. These include:

    -       Pope Alexander VI - 1431

    -       Paul Revere – 1735

    -       George Washington Carver – 1860

    -       J. Edgar Hoover – 1895

    -       J.D. Salinger- 1919

    While many new parents may revel in the status of having one of the first babies born of the New Year, there are some advantages to having a baby born before the clock strikes midnight. Parents whose children are born in December can claim a tax deduction on their 2012 income taxes.

    Congratulations to every new parent who is expecting a child in the last few days of December and throughout the New Year!

  • Ways To Commemorate Baby's First Christmas


    Christmas can be a hectic time of year, planning for family gatherings, shopping for the perfect gifts and making the home holiday ready. But many parents who’ve welcomed a new baby into the family this year will want to go the extra step to make baby’s first Christmas one to remember. Here are just a few things you can do to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas.

    Document the Occasion - Whether your preferred media is a scrapbook or a video, one of the absolute best ways to encapsulate the memories of your child’s first Christmas is to document it.

    For scrapbookers, a great idea is to adorn the scrapbook with the child’s name and birthday as well as the year of their first Christmas. You can fill the inside with cards and pictures along with notes about what the child received and memories about their first reactions to the holiday. It will be sure to be a treasured for years to come.

    For the more technologically advanced, taking digital pictures for a slide show or videotaping and compiling a baby’s first Christmas video is a great way to capture all of the details of baby’s first Christmas.  It will also be fun to watch year after year, long after baby has grown up.

    Mark the Season with Bling - Tree bling that is. Many of us still have our own Baby’s First Christmas ornaments that we place lovingly on the tree each year. Buy your baby a personalized baby’s first Christmas ornament that you can hang each year to remember that very first Christmas. Another wonderful tradition is to give your child an ornament every Christmas. When they grow up and move out, pack them up a box of all their Christmas ornaments from throughout the years to hang on their own Christmas tree.

    Start Your Own Traditions - One of the reasons Christmas is so meaningful is because we often look back fondly on the Christmas traditions we grew up with. Maybe it was decorating the tree to certain Christmas songs, putting up the Christmas lights on a set day, or reading a Christmas story together by the fire on Christmas Eve. Whatever your family traditions, it’s always a great idea to pass on old traditions and make new family traditions when we welcoming new members of the family.

    Whatever you do to commemorate your first Christmas with your little ones, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Blooming Bath!

  • Blooming Bath 2012 Year-In-Review

    It may be a cliche, but those of you with little ones at home know how true it really is – time flies. One minute you’re bringing them home from the hospital and the next, they've learned to walk and you’re frantically baby-proofing the entire house.

    In the past year, our little one (The Blooming Bath) has had some big moments too. With just a few weeks left until the official close of 2012, we thought it would be fun to do a Blooming Bath year-in-review, highlighting all of the great milestones that have taken place in the last 12 months.

    Winter ’12 – Within only a few months of Blooming Bath’s official launch, the cuddly, adorable new baby bath tub was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. Not long after that, we introduced our super soft line of baby washcloths, Puddles.

    Spring ’12 -  By springtime, the Blooming Bath was being recognized as one of the most popular and talked about baby shower gifts. Babble, the foremost authority on everything baby, named the Blooming bath one of its Top 10 Must Have Products for Baby’s First 3 Months.

    Summer ’12 – We like to consider the Summer of 2012 our summer of love. The Blooming Bath got all sorts of love, including being featured on the Today Show and receiving a shout out from celebrity Kourtney Kardashian. All that love also made it necessary for Blooming Bath to move into a new 10,000-square-foot warehouse space in Southern California to keep up with demand. The new space has allowed us to process 2,000 Blooming Bath orders a day! And of course we would remiss if we didn’t mention the introduction of our newest Blooming Bath color over the summer. Our Ivory Blooming Bath made its debut in July.

    Fall ’12 – By fall, we were continuing to spread the love with new distribution partnerships not only in the United States, but throughout Canada and in select countries in Europe. You can find a retailer close to you by going to our retailer locator link. We also were named as the number one Baby Bath in its category by the SheKnows Parenting Awards.



    Looking Ahead – So what’s on tap for 2013? You can expect a lot more excitement from Blooming Bath in the New Year. Be on the lookout for more distribution partners and placements in a broader range of retail outlets, new colors and of course more giveaways. Thanks for a great 2012!

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