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  • The Blooming Buzz - Blooming Bath on FOX 9 Buzz

    One of our favorite mom bloggers, Melissa Saigh of Minnesota Baby was recently featured on FOX 9 Buzz showing off the latest Gadgets for Mom and Baby. She was kind enough to bring along her pink Blooming Bath for babies bath tub and share it with all of FOX's Minneapolis-St. Paul viewers!

    Along with baby bath tub products, Melissa also found some inventive products for nursing moms that you may have not seen before. One of which is Milkscreen, a home test you can use to test alcohol levels in breast milk. It's perfect for those times when mom needs to relax with a glass of wine but wants to be sure to wait long enough after before breastfeeding. Another product allows moms to freeze excess breast milk in trays for future use.

    Be sure to check out all of Melissa's finds by watching her appearance on FOX 9 Buzz.

  • Picks Up The Blooming Bath

    Cool Mom Picks, named one of the "Best 3 Blogs for Parents" by Real Simple Magazine, recently featured the Blooming Bath for Babies on its website! The trendy authority on the latest and greatest baby gear, the Cool Mom Picks reviewer said when she plopped her son "into the flower it magically (or scientifically, thanks to a combo of antimicrobial foam and tricot mesh) kept him propped up and comfy."

    The Cool Mom Picks site has garnered kudos from the likes of Parenting Magazine and Martha Stewart. The DIY maven herself called the website, "The best in gifts, gear, and everything new and cool for moms."

    Read their full Blooming Bath Baby Bath Tub review. And be sure to check out their site for all the latest baby gear and baby shower gift ideas.

  • Love Is In Full Bloom At Blooming Bath

    Happy Valentines Day! On this February 14th when love is in our hearts and at the forefront of our minds, the folks at Blooming Bath wanted to take a second and express our love for our loyal customers. It's not easy to start a brand new company in such tough economic times, but after designing, perfecting and releasing the Blooming Bath for Babies more than four months ago, we knew we were onto something big.

    We've seen first-hand the positive effects the Blooming Bath has on bath time for both babies and grown ups. The Blooming Bath consistently produces irresistible smiles, giggles, splashes and adorable moments for everyone. And we love that you are not only loving the Blooming Bath, but spreading that love.

    In the last few months, we've been "liked" on our Facebook Page a total of 1,120 times and we've been "pinned" on Pinterest more times than we can count. In fact, Blooming Bath has gotten more than 50,000 unique visitors on Pinterest. Thanks for spreading the Blooming Bath love. We wouldn't be here without you!

  • Win A Blooming Bath Through Modern Mommyhood's Giveaway

    Want to Win a Blooming Bath? Of course you do! Our friend Morgan over at Modern Mommyhood is hosting a Blooming Bath giveaway on her mommy blog site. It's easy, all you have to do is live in the U.S., be 18 years or older and visit Morgan's great mommy blog to post a comment about The Blooming Bath. There are 6 days left to enter and so far only 395 entries. Pretty good odds, we'd say!

    While you're there, be sure check out Morgan's great Blooming Bath video and see how the Blooming Bath fits in any kind of sink and is easy to clean and dry. We know little Mabel is going to love her new pink Blooming Bath for Baby when she gets here. What about your little one? Enter to win a Blooming Bath Baby Bath Tub for your little bundle of joy today!

  • The Blooming Bath is Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

    The Blooming Bath was recently featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's Road Test section on Baby Baths. The review calls the Blooming Bath, "Perfect for little ones, this sink snuggler is soft and cozy."

    The review also touts the Blooming Bath for its quick-drying properties and for its antimicrobial materials that keep it mold and mildew free. Go to the Pregnancy & Newborn website to read the full review of the Blooming Bath. Or, pick up the January 2012 issue of the magazine at your local newsstand.


  • Puddles, The Serendipitous Byproduct of The Blooming Bath

    Blooming Bath would like to introduce you to our newest product for baby bath time, Puddle Baby Bath Washcloths! These super soft baby washcloths were conceived during production of our Blooming Bath for babies bath tubs. When we cut out the flower pattern from out Blooming Bath baby bath tubs, we kept ending up with lots of left over plush terry cloth fabric, but not quite enough to make a second Blooming Bath from. Wanting to do the 'green' thing and not waste great materials, we started testing out these little fallen petals as baby bath washcloths.

    Made of the same luxuriously soft polyester terry cloth as the top layer of the Blooming Bath, we came to discover that the puddles make the perfect bath tub accessory. Babies love them against their skin and what parent doesn't love a clean, happy baby?

    We're selling a 4-pack of the Puddle Baby Bath Washcloths for just $10. Choose from pink, blue or yellow colors. These make a great addition to any baby shower gift. You can coordinate with your Blooming Bath color, or mix and match to created a variegated bloom. Machine wash and dry just like you do with the Blooming Bath.

  • Baby Boom Expected For 2012 Year Of The Dragon

    Millions of people just finished celebrating the Chinese New Year, which took place on Monday, January 23rd. And now, hospitals and fertilization clinics across Asia and even some in the United States are preparing for a huge bump in the number of babies expected to be born between now and February 9, 2013.

    2012 is The Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Out of all of the 12 zodiac signs, the dragon is only year not represented by an animal, but a mythical creature. Many consider the Dragon as the luckiest sign to be born under. Those born under the Dragon are said to be driven and ambitious. The Dragon is considered the mightiest of all the signs.

    Because of that, many Chinese are planning to have babies this year. Maternity rooms in hospitals across China are booked through August and in the U.S., fertility clinics in big cities like Los Angeles, have reported a boost in business, some as much as 250 percent.

    In past Dragon years, like 1988 and 2000, statistics show the number of babies born in Singapore jumped as much as 10 percent. In Taiwan, a total of 202,000 babies were born in 2000.

    Couples hoping to give birth to a Dragon Baby before the year ends next February, better get started. They must conceive by May 2 to have their babies before The Year of the Snake begins on Feb. 10, 2013.

    According to, 2012 is also the year in which the water element overlaps the Dragon year. Water is said to have a calming effect on the Dragon’s fearless temperament. So if you’re planning on giving birth to Dragon Baby, plan on stocking up on The Blooming Bath bathtub!

  • The Blooming Bath Makes A Splash in New York City

    One of the great things about the Blooming Bath bathtub for babies is that it creates adorable, picture perfect bath time moments. We never get tired of seeing the pictures of babies and parents smiling when they use the Blooming Bath baby bathtub.

    Now, one of our smiling Blooming Bath babies has been spotted splashing around in the heart of Times Square. Doesn't this just light up the Big Apple? We just couldn't help but share.

  • Blooming Bath Gets A "Thumbs Up"

    We love hearing feedback from our customers about The Blooming Bath. And it's even better when we get that feedback in video form! Minnesota Baby website founder and mom, Melissa Saigh of Minnetonka, Minnesota recently featured a review of The Blooming Blath on her website. She even posted a video of her sweet daughter Linna using The Blooming Bath for Babies in the kitchen sink. Simply adorable!

    Melissa gave the product a "thumbs up" saying it's a great way to prevent baby from slipping and sliding during bath-time and a good way to protect baby's head in the bath. Melissa is an expert in all things baby. On her website, she dishes up the latest in baby and mom-friendly products, trends, photography, diets, deals and more. We're glad to see the Blooming Bath is Minnesota Mom approved.

    Share your comments and feedback with us too. Drop us a line or send us a video. But be forewarned, using The Blooming Bath has been known to cause irresistible smiles on both baby and parent. :)

  • What Should You Expect With A New Baby?

    Here at Blooming Bath, our goal isn't just to provide moms and dads with the safest, cutest and most adorable baby bathtub on the market. We also want want to be a resource for new moms and dads concerning all things baby related.  It's with that goal in mind that we'd like to introduce you to What To Expect When You are Expecting.

    The book, by Heidi Murkoff has been called "America's Pregnancy Bible" and has been among listed among the New York Times bestsellers more times than we can count. In fact, the book is said to have been read by more than 90 percent of pregnant women.

    Murkoff conceived the idea for the book during her first pregnancy when she couldn't find answers to her pregnancy questions. Determined to write a guide that would help other expectant parents sleep better at night, she delivered the proposal the book hours before delivering her daughter, Emma.

    Today, there are more than 14.5 million copies of the book currently in print and the book has spawned the accompanying website What to Expect, which features advice from preconception, to pregnancy, through the toddler stage. We're happy to share this great resource with our loyal customers. And, we invite you to tune into the What to Expect website often because we will soon be offering a Blooming Bath giveaway on their site! Stay tuned to find out more information on how to win.

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