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  • The Blooming Bath Makes A Splash in New York City

    One of the great things about the Blooming Bath bathtub for babies is that it creates adorable, picture perfect bath time moments. We never get tired of seeing the pictures of babies and parents smiling when they use the Blooming Bath baby bathtub.

    Now, one of our smiling Blooming Bath babies has been spotted splashing around in the heart of Times Square. Doesn't this just light up the Big Apple? We just couldn't help but share.

  • Blooming Bath Gets A "Thumbs Up"

    We love hearing feedback from our customers about The Blooming Bath. And it's even better when we get that feedback in video form! Minnesota Baby website founder and mom, Melissa Saigh of Minnetonka, Minnesota recently featured a review of The Blooming Blath on her website. She even posted a video of her sweet daughter Linna using The Blooming Bath for Babies in the kitchen sink. Simply adorable!

    Melissa gave the product a "thumbs up" saying it's a great way to prevent baby from slipping and sliding during bath-time and a good way to protect baby's head in the bath. Melissa is an expert in all things baby. On her website, she dishes up the latest in baby and mom-friendly products, trends, photography, diets, deals and more. We're glad to see the Blooming Bath is Minnesota Mom approved.

    Share your comments and feedback with us too. Drop us a line or send us a video. But be forewarned, using The Blooming Bath has been known to cause irresistible smiles on both baby and parent. :)

  • What Should You Expect With A New Baby?

    Here at Blooming Bath, our goal isn't just to provide moms and dads with the safest, cutest and most adorable baby bathtub on the market. We also want want to be a resource for new moms and dads concerning all things baby related.  It's with that goal in mind that we'd like to introduce you to What To Expect When You are Expecting.

    The book, by Heidi Murkoff has been called "America's Pregnancy Bible" and has been among listed among the New York Times bestsellers more times than we can count. In fact, the book is said to have been read by more than 90 percent of pregnant women.

    Murkoff conceived the idea for the book during her first pregnancy when she couldn't find answers to her pregnancy questions. Determined to write a guide that would help other expectant parents sleep better at night, she delivered the proposal the book hours before delivering her daughter, Emma.

    Today, there are more than 14.5 million copies of the book currently in print and the book has spawned the accompanying website What to Expect, which features advice from preconception, to pregnancy, through the toddler stage. We're happy to share this great resource with our loyal customers. And, we invite you to tune into the What to Expect website often because we will soon be offering a Blooming Bath giveaway on their site! Stay tuned to find out more information on how to win.

  • Having A Baby Shower? Add Blooming Bath To Your Gift Registry!


    You just found out that you are pregnant and you begin thinking about all of the baby things you are going to need. Diapers, bottles, clothes, a crib, a stroller, the list goes on and on. Then you remember, it’s okay because you will be having a baby shower and your family and friends will be giving you many of the things you'll need. But some of the items you want are at one store, some at another store and tons of the things you want are online. What’s a new mom to do?

    Go to is the go-to universal gift registry. And it’s not just for baby showers. With you can create a centralized registry for any gift-giving occasion, weddings, birthdays, graduations, any occasion at all!

    Blooming Bath is happy to announce that we’ve recently partnered with That means if you are expecting a new baby, you can register for all of your favorite Blooming Bath products right through your account. And friends and family can see all of the items on your wish list in one convenient place.

    Your baby shower guests won’t have to go from store to store, or website to website searching for all of the items you want and need for your new baby. Now it’s all in one place. The best part is, setting up your gift registry is free and adding gifts to the registry is simple. Just look for the blue Add Gift Registry Button next to each item on our product pages. And soon, you could be opening your new Blooming Bath at your baby shower. Want to learn more? Click here.

  • Blooming Bath Makes Headlines!

    The Blooming Bath is making headlines as the cutest Blooming Baby Bath You've Ever Seen! Pictures of adorable babies soaking in the Blooming Bath are showing up all over the web, as Blooming Bath celebrates its web launch.

    From sites like Yahoo, to publications like the Sacramento Bee! Everyone is all abuzz with news about the Blooming Bath and the irresistible smiles they produce.

    The BabyCenter chat room moms are typing up a storm about the virtues of the Blooming Bath. They are calling the Blooming Bath a "must have" for baby bath time, saying how much they "want one" and are talking about what great baby shower gifts they make. Cyberina says, "Ok that is by far the cutest bathtub ever known to mankind.  Its worthy of "new baby" pictures!" Thanks, Cyberina, we totally agree.

    Meanwhile, the folks over at Child Mode are calling our litte invention "... a smart idea! This would make an adorable baby shower gift, that’s for sure."

    Thanks everyone, we love hearing your comments and hope you can help us get out the word to more moms, dads, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles about this great product. If you are interested in featuring the Blooming Bath in your publication, or your blog, be sure visit our Media Center to learn more about us and download pictures!

  • Baby Shower Gift Ideas


    blooming bath

    We know, we know … you are in full recovery mode from Christmas, Hanukah, Festivus, or whatever wintertime holiday you celebrate and the last thing you want to think about is buying more gifts.

    But, your friends and family members keep having babies! And with babies, comes the obligatory baby shower. Baby showers came into vogue in the U.S. after the end of WWII, (fittingly) right around the start of the Baby Boom. Typically, baby showers were held for just the first child and only attended by women.

    Today, both males and females are invited to baby showers and they can be thrown for the first or the fifth child born into a family. They are usually held about one or two months before the baby is born, although some people do hold off until after the birth so shower attendees can truly welcome the new baby.

    The constant at any baby shower is the gifts! Simple to elaborate baby shower gifts are a crucial part of any baby shower.

    So we’re here to make things a little easier on you. Here are some never-fail baby shower gift ideas that are sure to garner the oohs and aahs we all love to hear.

    Baby Bath Tub – Okay, okay, it was inevitable. We have to plug the Blooming Bath for Babies, it’s just too stinking cute not to. It wraps up for a shower gift adorably and at just $40, it’s the perfect price point. Or, if you really want to impress, go for the blooming baby bath kit featuring an array of baby soaps and shampoos from Burt’s Bees for just $66.

    Baby Bath Toys – A new baby splish splashing around in a bath tub without some bath toys, isn't right. A great baby shower gift accessory is the classic yellow rubber ducky, or find a fun new take on the classic design, like these safari zoo rubber duckies.

    After Bath Baby Towel – After a good bath, new moms and dads can wrap their little monkey in this cute handmade monkey towel. It makes a great baby shower gift and can be used over and over again as the baby grows from an infant, to a newborn, to a toddler.

    It's never to early to start your baby shower gift shopping!!

  • What Baby Names Are In Bloom For 2012?

    We are just a few days away from a brand new year! So we started thinking about all the new babies that were going to be born in 2012 and wondered what moms and dads will be picking out as names for all of those little bundles of joy.

    Nameberry has revealed their top 100 girl, boy and unisex baby names for 2012.

    At Blooming Bath, we of course are partial to names of the flowering variety like Violet (no. 4), Lily (no. 34), Ivy (no. 36) and Poppy (no. 37).

    We are sad to report that Posy, a popular English name for girls didn’t make the top 100 for the new year, nor did Petal, which gained popularity a few years back with a character of the same name from the book and film, The Shipping News.

    But, if you are planning on welcoming a Charlotte, Seraphina or Amelia to your family in 2012, you will be in good company, those were the top three picks for baby girl names. Asher, Finn and Henry won the top three slots, respectively, for baby boy names in 2012. The top three unisex names on the rise for the New Year include: Harper, Quinn and Rowan.

    Whether you are planning on welcoming your own baby in the coming months or you’re already planning  ahead for the baby shower gifts you will need to buy for friends and family, just a friendly reminder: Blooming Bath comes in yellow, blue and now pink! So there is a safe, soft and completely adorable baby bath with your favorite new baby’s name on it, no matter what name blooms in mind for 2012! Happy Blooming New Year!

    Here are some more of our favorite names said to blossom in 2012:

    Girls Names: Stella, Olivia, Hazel, Pippa                                                                        Boys Names: Grayson, Jude, Emmett, Hudson

    Happy Girl In Her Blooming Bath Baby Bath

  • Introducing Our Blooming Bath Kit Featuring Burt's Bees

    We have teamed up with Burt's Bees to create the perfect baby bathing kit. Each kit includes:

    • (1) Blooming Bath Baby Bath - Your choice of color
    • (1) Blooming Bath Puddles (plush wash cloths)
    • (1) Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash (8 oz)
    • (1) Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion (6 oz)
    • (1) Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil (3 oz)
    • (1) Baby Bee Diaper Ointment (3 oz)

    We are also introducing our new Blooming Bath Puddles made from the same fabric as the Blooming Bath Baby Bath. Super soft and perfect for washing your baby.

  • Now in pink!

    Blooming Bath Baby Bath PinkDon't get us wrong. We love our blue and yellow Blooming Baths.

    But you asked for it. And we're here to serve. So, by popular demand...


    ... and with no further ado ...

    ... OK, a little further ado. See, first we've got to tell you about how this all came to be.

    We'd thought about making a pink version of the Blooming Bath to begin with. But we heard that the turquoise and yellow colors would be more likely to appeal to folks who don't know what sex their babies will be.

    Maybe that's true. But as it turns out, a lot of your like the color pink — and not just for your little girls.

    Pink is, after all, a decidedly happy color. And a baby of any gender looks unbelievably adorable plopped down in the middle of it.

    So yes — when we wanted to revolutionize the baby bath tub industry, we listened to our instincts. But when it was time to add another style to the Blooming Bath line of baby bath products, we listened to you.

    And with that we give you Blooming Bath pink.

  • Life is so Pinteresting...

    Are you all about Pinterest?

    Honestly, we didn't know much about it.

    Embarrassing right? Of course, we're supposed to be hip to all this social media stuff. But hey, don't judge us, OK? Starting a revolution against the bazillion-dollar baby bath tub industry ain't easy work. Sometimes it's all we can do to keep our Facebook status updated.

    But then something happened. We were making the vanity rounds on Google when we noticed that we've been getting pinned a lot lately.

    Seems Pinterest is a good place to let people know about all the cool stuff you've bumped into while surfing the Internet. And given that not every mommy-aged woman is pregnant all the time (well, we do have some Mormon friends in Utah who are trying, but that's another story...) a lot of people are using the site to register their interest in getting a Blooming Bath as a baby shower gift later on down the road.

    So yes, by all means: Pin us! Like Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania 3. Like a Voodoo Doll. Like that guy from the Halloween movies.

    Pin us, people.

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