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  • Pin Your Favorite "I Want That Items"

    Chances are, you have a running wish list of things that you want for your home, right? Maybe it’s a new shower head or a bow tie collar for your pooch.  Whatever is on your list, know that you aren’t the alone. There is actually a show on the DIY Network called “I Want That”, which features American’s must haves products and items for the home.

    According to the “I Want That” website, the show provides a “fast-paced tour through the latest and greatest products… every half-hour episode is packed with in-depth profiles and highlights of a dozen of the hottest must-haves for every home.”

    The Blooming Bath for babies bathtub was recently featured in one of the show's  fast-paced episodes back in April when a new mom tested and approved of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for her infant daughter who, (before having the Blooming Bath) would always cry during bath time.

    Now, the Blooming Bath has been selected as one of the network's season 3 favorite items! The show has picked the top 40 items and pinned them in their “best of collection” on Pinterest. Viewers and pinners are being asked to share and repin their favorites on Pinterest and help the network pick favorites for its newest special, “I Want That the Most!”

    Be sure to visit their best of collection on Pinterest and repin your favorites. There are lots of amazing and diverse products to choose from, ranging from household DIY items, to pet products, to bath products.

    And don’t forget to tune into the show on December 3 at 10:30/9:30c to see if the Blooming Bath gets picked as one of America’s all-time favorite items, one of the ones that you want the most!

    Get pinning now!

  • Blooming Bath Featured on DIY Network's I Want That

    When new moms and dads see the Blooming Bath for the first time one of the things they almost always say is, “I want that.”

    So we aren’t too surprised that the Blooming Bath for babies was just featured on DIY Network’s television show, I Want That. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the show is a fast-paced tour through the best products and must-haves for the home.

    During the latest episode, homeowner and mom ShanNeece Albert is featured with her beautiful daughter Savannah, who ShanNeece says, cries “every single bath time.”

    When ShannNeece brings out the comfy and cute hot pink Blooming Bath and puts it in the sink with some warm water with Savannah, not only are there no tears, she looks happy and comfortable. Another happy mom and baby, brought to you by Blooming Bath.

    “It is really supportive,” ShanNeece says in the video. And, it's also super easy to rinse out in the sink and dry in the dryer.

    Check out the I Want That show on the DIY Network on Wednesdays at 10 p.m./9p.m. Central to see all the must-haves for your home. And don’t forget to order your Blooming Bath for a happy, comfortable and tear-free baby bathing experience.

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