10 Creative Ways to Use Your Blooming Bath

Did you know that your Blooming Bath is so much more than just a baby bath?

Over the years our customers have found dozens of creative ways to use their Blooming Baths. Below we highlight our 10 favorites:

10 Creative ways to use your Blooming Bath

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Blooming Bath

  1. Outdoor Play Mat
  2. Perfect for the park, the garden, or the beach

  3. Lounger
  4. Extra padding for your favorite spots

  5. Wall Flowers
  6. Brighten up a nursery wall with a collection of bright florals

  7. Mini Rugs
  8. So cute on top of plain rugs and comfy for hanging out

  9. Seat Insert
  10. For places where baby is still too itty bitty

  11. Bath Mat
  12. When baby is ready for the big kid tub, but you still want some cushion

  13. Photo Prop
  14. Explore endless possibilities with this adorable flower

  15. Nap Time
  16. The Blooming Bath is so soft and plush, it's an ideal nap pad

  17. Cat Bed
  18. This kitty proudly repurposed his owner's Blooming Bath

  19. Dog Bed
  20. And why should kitties get to have all the fun? Doggies love Blooming Baths, too!

Have you found other creative ways to use your Blooming Bath? We'd love to hear them! Comment below to share your awesome ideas.

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