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  • BloomingBath makes a great first impression

    It never fails.

    The “ooh.” The “ahh.” The “oh-my-gosh-that’s-so-cute.”

    I love seeing the way people respond the first time they see BloomingBath.

    Out for a bite to eat with my daughter, today, I saw two moms sitting with their new babies. I wandered over, introduced myself and asked them if I might show them a new baby product.

    “Sure,” said the first mom, who introduced herself as Joni.

    I whipped out my laptop, flipped open the screen and pointed my browser to

    And then…

    … wait for it …

    … “oooh!”


    “Oh my gosh it’s sooooo cute!”

    Yup. It never fails.

    “That’s such a great idea for a baby bath,” Joni said. “I like to wash my baby in the sink, but I don’t like the thought of all the chemicals I use to clean up the sink getting on their skin.”

    Joni said she had several baby bath tubs but didn’t really like any of them.

    ‘This seems perfect,” she said.

    Her friend, Niki, asked the question we hear most often from everyone as they learn about BloomingBath: “How does it dry?”

    “You just stick it in the drier for a few minutes — that’s all there is to it,” I said.

    "It's really, really cute," she said.

    Yes indeed. It never fails.

    What was your reaction the first time you saw BloomingBath? Email us at


  • Giveaway Last Day

    Today is the last day to enter the giveaway.  Post a comment before midnight on Tuesday at the page to enter to win a free Blooming Bath.

    Special thanks to Liz Stanley, writer for Family Style at for promoting the giveaway. It's up to 380 comments with another day to go. Liz says this is the most comments she's seen for a giveaway on Babble.

    A few more sample comments, I can't resist.

    This looks like a much better way to bathe baby than getting down on your hands and knees beside the bathtub so you can put baby in their plastic bath. So cute!

    This is so adorable! Since learning I am expecting again after thinking we were done, I am finding such beautiful items for babies out there. This is a wonderful substitute for those hard plastic tub styles!

    This is the most adorable baby bath i’ve ever seen! And i’m crossing my fingers on this one!!!

    Too cute! I would love one of these- I like the concept and it looks so much more comfortable than the Puj tub!

    Pregnant and totally want one of these. I had given up on any baby bath being worth having. But this looks awesome.

  • Giveaway

    There's a Blooming Bath baby bath giveaway going on over at Babble thanks to Liz Stanley.  Head over and leave a comment to enter.

    "The Best Thing to Happen to Baby Baths Giveaway"

    Here's is just sample of some of the comments: ( I swear I did not make this up. )

    Goodness. This is so adorable! All the cool gear they have come out with for babies has seriously made me want another one. I guess I will have to spoil some other persons baby!

    Would love to win this, seems great for pack and go. Definitely going to keep it in mind for my next baby shower.

    These are so cute! I have an upcoming shower to go to and I really think is the perfect gift, how awesome!


    What a cute flower!! And how easy to just put it in the sink and you are set!!!

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been coveting that tub for a little while now! I would so love to win one!!!

    That is so cute! What a great idea!

    What a perfect bath!!! So sweet, and would fit in any sink- I love it, and with a little one due in December, this would make the perfect Christmas gift!

    I HAVE to have this Blooming Bath!!! It is genius and absolutely adorable!!!

    Oh my goodness — never have I found a bath that would not only accommodate my sink so well, but my baby!! Good luck everyone! :)

    This is one of the neatest baby items I have seen in a long time!!! I own 2 plastic tubs for babies and neither one are supportive at all. It seems baby just slides right down into the water, which is super scary for any parent! I always thought a better bath invention would be better- especially for newborns!!! I would love this for my second baby (on the way now!) Thanks!!!

    Whoa. This is genius! I seriously need one of these for our new bundle arriving this winter!

    This has got to be the coolest new baby thing! I LOVE it!!

    Would love to win this! My newbie hates the bath. She screams bloody murder and I am willing to try anything to make the cleaning process more comfy and relaxing for her! This tub definitely seems better than the plastic one with the hammock that we have for her.

    This would be perfect for the next little cherub. The bulky “spa” tub was such a hassle, this would make bathtime SO much easier!!

    I want one!! This is so unbelievably cute!! So much better than the plasticbaby tubs and I love that it can be washed and put in the dryer!

    Baby bathtubs are usually so hard and uncomfortable! This is great!

    LOVE, WANT, MUST HAVE!!! I would love to win this adorable, functional and super easy to clean bather for my Baby #4 who is due in January. Anything to make life a little easier and Fabulous at the same time!!!! AWESOME!

    This would be wonderful for Grandmas’ very small house (with no storage). I’m having shoulder surgery and this would be so nice. Instead of trying to hold on to a slippery baby in the kitchen sink.

    I saw this and about died… I have been trying to find a way to make bath time easier. I have a 4 yr old a 2 yr old a 6 month old and I currently have my cousin’s 10 month old daughter living with us. Bath time is a 2 hour affair. I dread it. But if I could have the older kids in the tub and bathe the younger ones in the sink It would cut out half the time! This Idea is brilliant! I am going to order one for my friend who had her baby 8 weeks early because this would make bathing a tiny baby so much easier! I could go on and on about how many ways this would simplify bath time. Again you guys are brilliant!

  • Welcome to Blooming Blog

    Happy Girl In Her Blooming Bath Baby Bath

    Welcome to Blooming Blog, a place we've created for you to share your stories, photos, experiences and ideas with the Blooming Bath crew — and where we can keep you up to date with the latest news on Blooming Bath products.

    By now, you probably know the Blooming Bath story — we're just four average, ordinary dads who believed we could come up with a better way to bathe our babies. Now, just weeks after launching our first baby bath product, we know we were right.

    How do we know? Because you're already telling us so.

    Your stories are heartfelt. Your photos are unbelievably adorable. And we're just so excited to see that many of you are already referring us to your friends and buying Blooming Baths for baby shower gifts.

    We're so grateful. And we want to thank you by featuring your stories and photos (strategically placed washcloths and bath toys are appreciated) here at Blooming Blog. E-mail us at — and we'll put you in a drawing for a free Blooming Bath.

    Thanks for your support of Blooming Bath,

    The Blooming Bath Dads

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