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  • The Blooming Bath, It Isn't Just For Bath Time Anymore

    Here at Blooming Bath, we like to check in with different online baby forums every now and then to hear the buzz surrounding the latest trends in baby products -- especially what is hot and new in baby bathtubs and baby bathing accessories. One question that we've come across a few quite a few times from folks is, what to do with their Blooming Bath for babies bathtub, after their baby grows out of it?

    We think it's a pretty good question. And we have a few suggestions for you. While moms and dads can make use of the Blooming Bath from when their babies are just a few days old, until months later, there is a point where your little one must graduate to the real bathtub. Unlike hard plastics baby tubs that typically get thrown into the attic or garage for storage, the Blooming Bath is so cute there are a number of more creative uses for the Blooming Bath.

    We've heard from a lot of parents who've told us that their older children actually fight over the Blooming Bath to use as a soft pillow for when they lounge around and watch TV. We love the idea of using the Blooming Bath as a pillow or room decor to add that extra burst of color.

    Then we started thinking, why not use the Blooming Bath as inspiration for your child's nursery or bedroom? While cruising our favorite new site, Pintrest, we came across this adorable nursery design. It makes use of wall stickers that can be purchased online. All this room needs is a rocking chair with a Blooming Bath pillow in it! The best part is, any Blooming Bath color would work: pink, blue or yellow. In what creative ways will you use your Blooming Bath for when you baby grows into a toddler?


  • Savvy Sassy Moms Know Best

    We might be a little biased here, but we have to agree with Savvy Sassy mom and writer Andrea Fellman when she called the Blooming Bath for Babies, "The Cutest Baby Bathtub on the Planet."

    Andrea recently wrote a piece about the Blooming Bath, that you can read here. Our favorite line from her enthusiastic post was the following: "My jaw literally fell to my lap and my uterus immediately started throbbing!" We thought this perfectly summed up the way most moms feel the first time they see pictures of our Blooming Bath baby bathtub. This is especially true for those moms out there who may have older kids and didn't have access to such useful and adorable products when their kids were babies.

    If you're in the same boat as Andrea - not currently preggers, but in love with the Blooming Bath - we encourage you get the Blooming Bath bathtub for all your pregnant friends for baby shower gifts. We're guessing that as soon as they see it, their jaws will fall open in awe of the cute factor too. If you're the one with a new baby on the way, click here to add The Blooming Bath to your baby shower gift registry.

  • Spring - The Season For Baby Announcements

    Spring is almost here! Depending on where you live, you may have already started seeing the signs of spring: melting snow, blossoming flowers, and days that almost feel like summer. And soon, we'll even get a few extra hours of light each day when the clocks "spring forward."

    I don't know about everyone else, but it seems like this spring has also been marked with a high number of pregnancy announcements. At least three of my friends have found out that they are pregnant within the last few weeks. Lucky for me, I already know what I'm going to be getting each of them for their baby shower gift - The Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub. The plush, adorable baby bath is the perfect baby shower gift. It wraps up gorgeously for the party and is the perfect gift for first-time moms and dads who want to comfortably bathe their new, squirmy little one.

    Now, my only problem is deciding which color of Blooming Bath to buy. At least two of my friends have decided not to find out the sex of their baby. I could always go for the yellow Blooming Bath for them, but I do so love the vibrant pink shade and the happy aqua blue shade. So, I've resorted to looking up old wives' tales to determine, very unscientifically, what they may be having. Here are some of the signs I've come across:

    If the new mom is craving citrus, it's a girl

    If the new mom's hands are dry, it's a boy

    Extreme nausea, it's a girl

    If the mom is feeling clumsy during pregnancy, it's a boy

    Unfortunately, I'm not finding any statistics on how accurate these tales really are. Anyone out there have a tried and true method to determine the sex of a baby in-vitro? Lucky, I have a few months to figure it out. Good thing Blooming Bath has a 30 day exchange policy.

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