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  • New Blooming Bath Review

    We love to hear our customers share their experiences using The Blooming Bath for babies. Here is a recent review from WannaBeMommy2B on YouTube. Check it out. And keep sending us your reviews! We especially like to see pictures and videos of your babies using their Blooming Bath baby bathtub during bath time!

  • The Blooming Bath Isn't Just Adorable - It's Rad!

    We're proud to announce the Blooming Bath for babies was just given the "It's Rad" award from The Posh Little Baby Blog. Karen over at Posh tells us that she hands out the sought after title to baby products that really stick stand out to her. The ones she finds herself raving about and recommending to all her friends. Thanks Karen!

    In her review, Karen also talks about one of the little-talked about features of the Blooming Bath for babies, its ability to keep the water temperature warm and consistent throughout baby's bath without cold spots. She also found it much more comfortable for her baby than other plastic tubs she's bought in the past. Having had 4 babies, we consider her quite the discerning reviewer. Read Karen's entire review of the Blooming Bath for babies here.

  • Babble's 10 Must Have Products for Baby's First 3 Months

    There are some things in life you just gotta have. That is especially true when you are a brand new parent. That's why were are excited to see one of our favorite baby websites -Babble - recently come out with its Top 10 Must Have Products for Baby's First 3 Months.

    We're proud to announce that the Blooming Bath for babies made the cut as a must have baby bathtub. Emily wrote that she "fell in love with this baby tub" the first time she used it with her son Paul.  "And at 3 months old, he still loves it." She also noted how soft and easy is is to use the Blooming Bath baby bathtub in the sink.

    Be sure to check out the entire list of Babble's must have items, from  baby swings to cloth diapers.

  • Blooming Bath Is On Fashion Maniac

    The Blooming Bath has been all the buzz lately. Most recently, the Blooming Bath was featured on Fashion Maniac's  list of favorite new toys and product for kids. The write up notes that the average American family will spend nearly $12,000 on each child every year from birth to age 17. That figure includes clothing, child care, baby bath tubs, education, transportation and various other expenses.

    If you have a baby, or are expecting one soon and want to save on some of those expenses, be sure to check out some of the great Blooming Bath giveaways going on all over the Internet. Bundle Burrow is holding a their own Blooming Bath giveaway. All you have to do is "like" Blooming Bath on Facebook and follow the entry directions on the Bundle Burrow site for your chance to win a Blooming Bath in your choice of color: pink, yellow or blue!

    There are only 40 entries so far and 9 more days to win. So get moving, your odds are great. And, you'll only have so many opportunities to save your hard earned cash once that baby comes! For all your other baby buys, be sure to check out the rest of Fashion Maniac's lists of must have baby products!

  • What's In A Name? Take The Celeb Baby Name Quiz

    When you are expecting (and even perhaps when you're not) it seems like one of the most thought about baby topics ends up being, baby names. Would you name your child after a relative? Something traditional or unique? With every season it seems there are new “it” names that turn up. And, more often then not, we are hearing about a growing number off-beat names. This is especially true when it comes to names celebrity's pick.

    We’ve heard some zingers. Examples: Blanket (child of Michael Jackson), Kyd (child of David Duchovny and Tea Leoni) and Sage Moonblood, (child of Sylvester Stallone) just to name a few. But of course, for every off-beat baby name a celebrity gives their baby, there is another one who goes the traditional route with a "normal" name.

    We came across a great quiz the other day on the Huffington Post website where you can try to guess the normal baby names celebrities have given their kids. From Ben and Jen to KISS rocker, you might just be surprised at how tame their kid’s names really are.

    Take the Quiz and see if you can guess which parents stuck with more traditional choices like Matt, John, Henry and Emily.  And remember, no matter what name you choose for your baby, be sure to also choose the most comfortable, adorable baby bath tub on the market, the Blooming Bath for babies! The Blooming Bath for babies is sure to produce irresistible smiles, no matter what name your little one goes by.


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