2012's Most Popular Baby Names Revealed

2012 is nearing to a close and with it comes a recap of the year’s most popular baby names. BabyCenter has just put out its wildly anticipated list of 100 Top Baby Names for 2012.

Although, when you start to read the list, you may feel a bit like you’re experiencing baby deja vu because just like last year, Sophia and Aiden take the number one spots for most popular girl and boy names, respectively.

Aiden, in fact, has been coming in number one for the past several years, according to BabyCenter. After Aiden, Jackson, Ethan and Liam were listed in second, third and fourth place as the most popular baby names for boys. Emma, Olivia and Isabella followed Sophia as the next three most popular baby names for girls.

One of the hottest trends the report picked up on was the growing popularity of names found in the 50 Shades books. Christian came in number 52 on the list for popular boys names, while Anna came in at number 34, a shortened version of Anastasia.

New to the top 10 for girl’s names in 2012 was Mia, while Ruby, Reese, Quinn, Isla and Mila were all listed as newcomers to the top 100 list.

For boys, Jack jumped the list to earn a spot in the top 10, while the names Leo, Decian, Easton, Lincoln and Harrison all slipped into the top 100 this year.

Names that lost ground this year and fell out of the top 100 include Abby, Hadley, Keira, Juliana and Katherine for girls and Logan, Bryce, Caden and Josiah for boys.

And what are those crazily creative celebrities naming their little ones lately? Some of the more odd boy names include Atlas (Anne Heche’s son), Banjo (Rachel Griffiths & Andrew Taylor’s son) and Egypt (Alicia’ Keys son). The daughters of celebrities have it a little more easy. Most of the girl’s names were fairly tame, although there is the occasional Haven (Jessica Alba’s daughter) and Bluebell (Ginger Spice’s daughter) thrown in the mix to make it interesting.

Click here to read BabyCenter’s list of 100 Top Baby Names for 2012.


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