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  • Blooming Bath Earns Editors' Picks Award

    Blooming Bath is excited to announce that our Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub has earned a What To Expect Editor’s Pick Gold Seal Award from! recently announced the winners of its very first What to Expect Awards, which recognize the best in baby registry products. The result are forty-four adorable and useful products divided into traditional registry categories chosen by moms and bestowed with a “Moms Love-it Award.” The site used a special algorithm to track how moms interacted with the products to decide which were chosen.

    In addition to the Moms Love-it Awards, What To Expect Editors chose just five products out of the group and presented them the distinct What To Expect Editors’ Picks Gold Seal Award, of which, the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub was chosen! According to What To Expect, the honor was given to an exclusive group of products that provided “superior solutions for moms.”

    The editors touted the Blooming Bath for babies by saying, “There are few things more daunting to a parent than bath time, the Blooming Bath should be able to ease in any newbie – baby or parent.”

    Additional Editors’ Picks Award winners included: Skip Hop Complete Sheet NuRoo Pocket Munchkin On The Go Diaper Kit Braun Thermoscan Gift Set

    Check out all of What To Expects’ Moms Love-it Award winners and Editors' Picks Winners now and start compiling your dream baby registry so you can be prepared for what to expect when your baby comes.


  • Olympic Inspired Baby Names


    The Sochi Winter Olympics are in full swing. And is it just us or have you been noticing all of the amazingly original names the Olympians competing in this year’s events have? It got us thinking (of course) about baby names! Here are just a few of our favorites not only from this year’s roster of Olympians but also from Winter Olympics past. We’re curious if any of these names will start showing up on more birth certificates in the months to come. Might you be playing with a little Torin or Lolo in the snow next winter?

    Sochi Olympians

    Sugar – You just might not be able to find a more perfect (or cute) name for a winter athlete or your new bundle of joy, than Sugar.

    Anders – With a Nordic inspired name like Anders, you’d expect this baby to be amazing at snowsports.

    Lolo – Not only is Lolo one of the more fun names featured in this year’s roster of athletes, the Olympian herself is just one of a handful who has competed in both the summer (track and field) and winter (bobsled) Olympics.

    Tucker –Tucker is adorable as a baby name, but it is also the moniker of someone brave enough to conquer the luge, a sport where athletes hit speeds of nearly 90 mph.

    Javier – If this beautiful name sounds exotic it’s because it belongs to a Spanish figure skater.

    Bode - While most know this name as the famous US alpine skier, what you might not know is that Bode is actual his middle name. His first name is Samuel. Both are great names for a new baby boy.

    Aja – This name, pronounced Asia, automatically conjures up an images of adventure (think bobsledding down a curvy track).

    Torin – Torin is the name of not one but two different athletes in this year’s Sochi Olympics. One is competing in cross-country skiing and one in freeskiing.

    Notable Winter Olympians of the Past

    We’re guessing you can not only guess the last names of these famous past Olympians, but the sport they won their metals in.

    Kristi Dorothy Brian Bonnie Shaun Apolo Picabo

    What's your favorite Olympic inspired baby name?

  • The Blooming Bath Winter Sale is On

    Winter is in full effect! Those who reside in the Northwest and on the East Coast know that better than most lately. But whether you’ve been dealing with snow, rain or freezing temperatures, there is something to look forward to when it comes to winter.

    The Blooming Bath Winter Sale!

    And it’s happening right now. So tear yourself away from your heater, slip on your fingerless gloves and get to your computer to type in Right now we are offering customers an unbeatable winter Blooming Bath package.

    You’ll get the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub in your favorite color (canary yellow, green, hot pink or turquoise), a 3-pack of our Petals Baby Bath Washes and a Mini Bloom Scrubbie all for just $39.99. That’s $20 worth of free gifts.

    Don’t wait until the snow melts to take us up on this offer because it probably won’t be around much longer.

    Treat yourself and your baby to the luxury of bathing in the incredibly soft and adorable Blooming Bath for babies bathtub this winter.

    If you’ve been feeling lucky lately you may also want to try to win a free Blooming Bath for babies bathtub. Our friends over at are currently giving away a free Blooming Bath to one lucky reader. Click here to read their review of the Blooming Bath and to enter to win. The drawing is only on for five more days. Good luck!


  • Would You Let the Internet Pick Your Baby's Name?

    Let’s face it, the name your parents give you is sort of a big deal.

    Your name plays a part in nearly every aspect of your life. It determines whether you have to go by your first name and the first initial of your last name because so many kids in your class have the same name as you, if you get to buy monogramed keychains and pens from gift shops without having to customize and it can even shape the perception of potential employers when applying for a job.

    So it’s pretty surprising when you hear stories like this one featured on The Bump, about a Canadian man who is allowing the Internet to help choose his soon-to-be daughter’s first and middle names.

    It seems Stephen McLaughlin has set up a website called where he is allowing visitors the opportunity to suggest and vote on the name of his daughter. Luckily, for both his wife and the new baby, he has set a disclaimer that he and his wife will be making the ultimate decision.

    That’s especially good news considering that the name currently in the lead (with 109,530 votes) is Cthulhu. Coming next in order next, by number of votes thus received, is: Amelia, Megatron, Charlotte, Olivia and Zelda.

    For middle names, the lead thus far has gone to All-Spark (with 65,085). Trailing in second place, by more than 26,000 votes, is Mae. Also in the top five for middle names are Rose, Of-the-Sea and Doge.

    Here’s a quick peek at some of the more “interesting” first names from the list:

    Streetlamp ! Stormageddon McGlovin InternetJr Worldwideweb Bacon Google Cheeseburger Nintendo Daughter Donut WackyTaco692 Obamaniqua Vampirella Tom Cruise

    It will be very interesting to find out what little Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin’s name will really be when she arrives in April.


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