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  • Head Into Labor (Day Weekend) With Free Gifts!

    Here at Blooming Bath, we are headed into labor. Labor Day weekend that is. And we guarantee to make it as painless as possible for new moms (who will soon be going through the real thing) and their friends and family members, because we are celebrating the Labor Day Weekend with free gifts!

    That’s right, starting today, we are giving away our Mini Bloom Scrubbie and a Munchkin Safety Bath Duck when you buy a Blooming Bath for babies bathtub. It’s like having triples – three for the price of one!

    All you have to do to get our Labor Day deal is click below!

    Choose the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub color of your choice: Canary Yellow, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Ivory or Green, along with your choice of Mini Bloom Scrubbie in Canary Yellow, Hot Pink or Turquoise. Mix and match your colors or stick with one color scheme – it’s up to you. Then, we’ll also throw in an adorable yellow Munchkin Safety Bath Duck.

    It’s the ultimate baby shower gift, or a nice treat for expecting moms and dads. Experience bathing your new baby in the plush and comforting petals of the Blooming Bath for babies, scrub them clean with the adorable and soft Srubbie, and make bathtime fun again with a classic rubber ducky.

    Our Labor Day deal will last through Thursday, September 5. Get your free gifts now and have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!


  • The Blooming Bath for babies is Now in Target Stores!

    Blooming Bath is excited to announce that the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub can now be purchased at Target stores.

    That’s right, our adorable, safe and comfortable baby bathtub began “blooming” on Target store shelves in early August. Have you spotted it there yet while shopping for your favorite baby products?

    We are ecstatic that the Target buyers hand-picked the Blooming Bath for babies to be featured among its lineup of high-quality baby products. The canary yellow Blooming Bath for babies is for sale for $39.99 in 1,500 different Target locations throughout the United States. You can see if your nearest Target location has it right now by visiting our dealer locator and inputting your address

    Along with the exposure that comes with being featured in one of America’s favorite retail stores, the other bit of good news is that the Blooming Bath will now also be included on Target’s Baby Registry. That means expecting moms can register for the Blooming Bath along with all of their other baby product needs. Target’s in-store and online baby registry makes it easy for new parents and for friends and family members who want to find the perfect baby shower gift.

    Be sure to check out your local Target store and see the Blooming Bath for babies for yourself! Also available on

  • Tips For Teething and a Giveaway!

    Is your baby crankier than usual, drooling more, or grabbing objects to chew on? If you answered yes, then chances are your baby is going through teething. Most babies hit the teething stage around the 6-month mark and it can be a tough time not only for babies who experience tender gums and mouth soreness, but also for parents who have to come up with creative ways to soothe irritable babies.

    Here are just a few tricks for helping get baby through teething:

    Apply Pressure – Experts say that applying a little pressure to the gums with your finger or a piece of gauze can help ease the pain of teething for baby.

    Keep Dry – More drool means more chances of skin irritations. Keep a cloth handy to dry drool quickly before it can cause problems.

    Solid Foods- Teething time can be a good time to start getting baby used to chewing on solid foods. Try offering babues vegetables like peeled carrots or cucumbers, but remember to keep close watch in case of choking.

    Try Teething Tools – Providing babies with teething tools like Teething Bling -teethable safe jewelry - that is fashion-approved by mom and baby safe for teething and playing can put a smile on both mom and baby’s faces.

    Right now, Blooming Bath has partnered with our friends at Teething Bling to bring you an awesome prize package. When fans like both the Teething Bling Facebook page and the Blooming Bath Facebook page and leave a comment on which two color of prizes you’d like to win, you can be entered to win both products! Don’t wait. The winner will be announced on Monday 8/11.


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