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  • The Pin It To Win It Contest Is Here Thru 11/7


    It’s giveaway time! Are you ready for it? Good. Let’s get to it then.

    Blooming Bath is hosting a Pin it to Win it contest for a chance to win a gift certificate worth $50 to We’ll be awarding gift cards to 3 lucky winners.

    So, what do you need to do to win? It’s easy. Just click here. Then, enter your email address, follow us on Pinterest and pin at least one Blooming Bath image on Pinterest and you’re entered! It's as easy as that.

    The good news is you can enter as many times as you like because there is no limit on the number of entries or times you can pin. The more you pin, the better your chances of winning. And who doesn't want a gift certificate to buy the plush, adorable and cozy Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub? It's a great addition to your baby bath supplies, or the perfect gift for a baby shower.

    Our winners will be announced on November 7, which means you have a week to get pinning! What are you waiting for?

    Best of luck!


  • Baby Names for Fall

    Photo credit: ljholloway Photography

    The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp and pumpkins are being carved. It's definitely autumn.

    Whether you are celebrating the birth of a new baby, throwing a baby shower, or just enjoying the colors of the season, we thought we share some baby names perfectly fit for fall.

    Fall-Inspired Names for Baby Girls Apple Raven Poe Hazel Maple Sage Saffron Maize Cinna November Paisley Ginger Amber

    Fall-Inspired Names for Baby Boys Leif Browning Woody Hawke Blaze Hunter Aster Forrest Wheatley Flint Rory Rye Crispin

    What are your favorite fall baby names?

  • The Blooming Bath is Perfect for Preemies


    If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Blooming Bath Facebook Page lately you may have noticed some adorable pictures (and praise) sent along from parents of preemies who have been using the Blooming Bath to bathe their tiny ones.

    "The Blooming Bath is the best bath tub made for preemies. She's just 34 weeks in this photo." says @empoweringmommy

    Preemies are babies born at least three weeks before their due date.

    It got us thinking about how premature births seem to be more common these days, which led us to seek out some statistics. Here’s what we found from the March of Dimes:

    * The United States has one of the highest numbers of premature births for a developed nation.

    * There are an estimated 450,000 premature births each year.

    * That averages out to about 1 in 9 of the babies being born are premature.

    The March of Dimes has created a report card by state for premature births. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Oregon, California and Alaska are the only states that get an A. Visit their site to see how your state ranks.

    You're probably also wondering if there are things you can do to try to prevent a premature birth? Yes! Some of the important things you can do is talk to your doctor and go in for regular checkups throughout your pregnancy.

    In addition, it’s important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid, controlling health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, eating healthy and avoiding smoking, alcohol and drugs.

    For more information about premature births and what is being done to raise awareness, visit the March of Dimes.

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