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  • Australian Mom Blog Names Blooming Bath Best Baby Product

    Baby shower season is here and if you have been trying to find the perfect gift that will stand out from the crowd at your next baby shower, than you are in luck!

    The blog Baby Hints and Tips has compiled a list of the Best Baby Products for May 2015.

    Baby Hints and Tips was founded by Australian-based mum of three Tanya.

    We’re excited to report that the Blooming Bath for babies was included on her list of Best Baby Products list from Down Under! The site called the Blooming Bath “gorgeous and soft” and said that “mums will love the convenience of the Blooming Bath and your parents will love the soft, plush fabric and vibrant colours.”

    If you live in Australia and are looking to order a Blooming Bath for babies for your new baby, or for a baby shower gift, you can find them in shops across Australia. Just click here to visit our store locator to find a shop near you.

    Also on the list were Burp Cloths from Cheeky Monkey. These essential items for newborns are not only useful; they come in adorable patterns like zebra, cow and cheetah print. Buyers get a two-pack, one pattern and one coordinating color. They make a great gift for both new moms and dads.

    Baby Hints and Tips also loved the personalized pacifiers from Name My Stuff. Parents will never have to worry about grabbing the wrong pacifier again because their little ones name is printed right  on it. Best of all, the products are made using BPA safe plastics so you know your baby will be safe. Gift givers can choose their colors and customize with the baby name of their choice, making it the perfect baby shower gift.

    Check out Baby Hints and Tips' full list of must-have baby products for May here.


  • Most Popular Baby Names of 2014



    Well, it’s official, Noah and Emma ruled in 2014. That’s according to The Social Security Administration, which puts out an annual list of the most popular baby names for the previous year.

    While many of the names gracing the top ten list (however, Grace was not one of them) have appeared before, James, which had been absent from the list for a number of years made a cameo for 2014. And, just in time to receive a royal reception, Charlotte (the name given to the new princess) also snuck onto the list in the top 10 spot for the first time ever.

    Here’s how the rest of the names stacked up.

    10 Baby Boy Names for 2014

    1) Noah 2) Liam 3) Mason 4) Jacob 5) William 6) Ethan 7) Michael 8) Alexander 9) James 10) Daniel

    10 Baby Girl Names for 2014

    1) Emma 2) Olivia 3) Sophia 4) Isabella 5) Ava 6) Mia 7) Emily 8) Abigail 9) Madison 10) Charlotte

    Photo courtesy of Etsy

  • A New Princess Is Born and Her Name Is ...

    A new royal has been born! Prince William and Duchess Kate welcomed a brand new baby girl into the family earlier this week.

    The couple recently announced that her name will be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

    The name is coming as no surprise to Brits who placed bets on such matters. According to a Time story, the chosen name was in the running as the favorite for days, so much so, that bookies are expecting to have to shell out up to 1.5 million British Pounds to those who chose correctly.

    Charlotte also happens to be the middle name of Kate’s sister Pippa. And of course the baby’s additional names are in honor of the Queen and William’s late mother.

    Other names rumored to be in the running for the new princess included: Alice, Alexandra, Victoria or Mary. If the baby was a boy, gamblers were betting on Freddie, Phillip or Arthur.

    Wondering what some of the other most popular baby girls' names in England and Wales are? So were we. According to the Metro UK here are the top 10 favorites from 2013:

    1. Amelia
    2. Olivia
    3. Emily
    4. Ava
    5. Isla
    6. Jessica
    7. Poppy
    8. Isabella
    9. Sophie
    10. Mia

    Wondering how those names compare to the most popular names for baby girls across the pond? Not too differently actually.

    Olivia - Listed as #3 in the US Isabella - Listed as #4 in the US Mia - Listed as #5 in the US Emily- Listed as #9 in the US Ava - Listed as #6 in the US

    And what about Charlotte’s new brother George? While his name doesn’t make the favorites list for the US, it does rank in the top 10 for England.


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