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  • New Giveaway But Don't Delay!


    For all of our loyal blog readers who come to our site week after week, we have a special giveaway announcement just for you. But the giveaway window on this one is faster than you can say "Bloom" so we won't waste any time before telling you how to enter.

    We've teamed up with Ju-Ju-Be, the creators of smart bags for smart people, for an adorable prize package.

    All you have to do is head over to for your chance to win. The contest closes at midnight (PST) on Thursday, August 13, so don't waste any time. Enter now and get a jump on your competition.

    Did you enter yet? Great, now we'll tell you about what you can win!

    Prizes: A Ju-Ju-Be BFF - Dancing Dahlias  diaper bag A Be Quick pouch Blooming Bath bathing kit – which includes Blooming Bath (color of your choice), a 3-pack of Petals Washcloths and Burt’s Bees Getting Started Kit!

    We'll choose a winner on Friday, August 14 so enter now! The contest is eligible to US residents, 18+ only. Be sure to share with your friends!

  • How Much Maternity Leave Do You Get?


    How much maternity leave does your workplace offer? If you’re lucky enough to work at Netflix, you’re now eligible to take up to 12 months of (paid) leave the first year after your child is born.

    That’s according to a new policy announced by the company earlier this week.

    The move is fairly groundbreaking for a US company, considering United States’ Family and Medical Leave Act guarantees women who work at least 25 hours a week and who’ve been at their jobs at least a year just 12 weeks of (unpaid) maternity leave.

    Another highly regarded tech company, Google, gives its employees 18 weeks of paid maternity leave in addition to another 12 weeks of paid “baby bonding” time.

    The news got us wondering about how other countries stack up to the US when it comes to maternity leave policies.

    This article and corresponding infographic gave us a look into other countries maternity leave policies. Here are some of the highlights:

    Canada One of the most generous countries when it comes to paid maternity leave, offers new moms 50 weeks of paid time off with baby.

    Norway Parents in Norway get 44 weeks of paid leave.

    France French women get full pay for 16 weeks of their maternity leave, which is broken up by 6 weeks prior to the birth and 10 weeks post birth.

    Australia Australia has paternal leave rather than maternity leave which allows either parent to take a paid 18-week leave. Parents Down Under are also allowed to share the leave.

    United Kingdom The UK provides 20 hours of guaranteed paid maternity leave for new moms.

    How does your employer's maternity leave policy stack up?

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