A New and Improved Hugga Bebe

We kept getting requests to make one, so we did. Parents know they can trust Blooming Baby to create unique and innovative products that make their everyday activities fun and special.

And when Hugga-Bebe stopped making plush seat inserts, parents were left in a tight spot. Their little ones were sitting up and jumping around in their Jumparoos, but sliding all over the place. Simply put, they weren't being  supported properly. Those one-size-fits-all restaurant highchairs are no fun for little ones. Same with bucket swings and shopping cart seats.

Parents looked long and hard for another solution, and came up empty.

Side note: our first inkling that there was a need for a new baby seat insert came when we saw one of our customers using their Blooming Bath as a seat insert in a bucket swing!

Blooming Bath - Blooming Baby Seat Insert The Blooming Bath being used as a makeshift seat insert!

Because Blooming Baby makes the soft and plush Blooming Bath, parents came to the logical conclusion that we could save the day and create a seat insert for little ones who are still too itty bitty for the big kid seats. This came at a time when were finalizing our new products, including a Blooming Baby Carrier, a stylish diaper bag and our microfiber hooded towel.

Things were very busy over here, so we had to put the seat insert project on hold for a little while.

Once our other new products have reached their final stages, we were finally able to get to work on the seat insert!

Blooming Baby Seat Insert - New Improved Hugga Bebe The Blooming Baby Seat Insert is ideal for exersaucers, Jumparoos and activity centers!

We studied the design of the Hugga-Bebe and made it even better. Lots better! Plusher fabric, more neck support, a rear securing strap and a toy strap attachment are just a few of the improvements we made to the original.

Blooming Baby Plush Baby Seat Insert The plush baby seat insert is a lifesaver at restaurants!

We've been so excited about offering this, that it's been hard to keep this under wraps. We got a very small shipment in, and we must admit, they're gorgeous! We expect to sell out quickly, but more will be coming very soon!


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