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  • The Best Tantrum Elimination Trick... Ever!

    How to Stop a Temper Tantrum...Instantly

    Want to know how to stop a temper tantrum in its tracks?

    Read on...

    I am a parent who has successfully navigated the treacherous waters of parenting two toddlers.

    I have a proven process to share that will work wonders for:

    • Stopping a temper tantrum without yelling or scolding
    • Getting your child to stop doing something undesirable
    • Negotiate with them so you get what you want, and they think they're winning!

    I have used this ONE trick hundreds of times and it has ALWAYS worked.

    Here it goes...

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  • Blooming Bath Videotorial

    We really wanted to show everyone just how fun and easy the Blooming Bath is to use in your Kitchen sink.  With this in mind we got one of our friends, with her adorable baby, to come on over one Saturday morning and let us her video her using the blooming bath - the resulting video turned out amazing for a home video edited with iMovie.  We really hope you like it too.  It makes me smile every time I watch it.

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