Giveaway Last Day

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway.  Post a comment before midnight on Tuesday at the page to enter to win a free Blooming Bath.

Special thanks to Liz Stanley, writer for Family Style at for promoting the giveaway. It's up to 380 comments with another day to go. Liz says this is the most comments she's seen for a giveaway on Babble.

A few more sample comments, I can't resist.

This looks like a much better way to bathe baby than getting down on your hands and knees beside the bathtub so you can put baby in their plastic bath. So cute!

This is so adorable! Since learning I am expecting again after thinking we were done, I am finding such beautiful items for babies out there. This is a wonderful substitute for those hard plastic tub styles!

This is the most adorable baby bath i’ve ever seen! And i’m crossing my fingers on this one!!!

Too cute! I would love one of these- I like the concept and it looks so much more comfortable than the Puj tub!

Pregnant and totally want one of these. I had given up on any baby bath being worth having. But this looks awesome.

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