Baby Bath Toys For Splishing n Splashing

At Blooming Bath, we know all about how fun bath time with your baby can be, but sometimes it’s even more fun when you add a few baby bath toys into the mix.

Here is a look at some clever, cute and classic baby bath toy designs that you can try with your Blooming Bath for babies bathtub.

Dunck This 3-set of stackable ducks not only float, they also double as rinse cups for parents. Babies will also have fun pouring water from them and “swimming” them around in the tub.

Squirty Bath Puppets Add a little adventure to bath time with these adorable terry cloth bath puppets that squirt water. You can get a full cast of characters because the puppets come in sea dragon, alligator, seahorse and shark shapes.


Water Flutes Nothing is more relaxing than a bubble bath and some music right? What about when your child is the one making the music? When your baby and Blooming Bath graduate to the big tub, treat your toddler to these water flutes. The flutes can be filled with varying amounts of water to create different sounds. Song sheets are even included!

Rubber Ducky Bath time just wouldn’t be complete without a rubber ducky or two bobbing around. These days you can pretty much find a rubber ducky in any theme or color under the sun. Our favorite is still the classic yellow rubber ducky, it coordinates perfectly with the canary yellow Blooming Bath.

What are your favorite baby bath toys?

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