Baby Bathing Tips from Blooming Bath

Here at Blooming Bath, we’ve become somewhat of an expert in the art of baby bathing techniques, picking up tips not only from our loyal customers, but also from hours of practice. Whether you are a seasoned grandma, or a brand new parent, here are some baby bathing tips that everyone from novices to experts can appreciate.

Baby Bathing Tips

- Before you even turn on the tap, think about the room temperature that you are bathing your baby in. Is it chilly? Babies lose heat quickly so it’s always a good idea to turn up the heat in the kitchen (if you are bathing baby in the sink) or bathroom to around 75 or 80 degrees F prior to the bath.

- Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees F so you don’t have to worry about accidental burns, which can happen at the factory setting of 140 degrees F.

- Before getting the tub and water ready, be sure to get everything you’ll need (towels, soaps, etc.) in near proximity to the tub so you never have baby out of your sight.

- Never put your baby in the bath while filling up the tub or sink because the temperature can change and get too hot, or the water level can get too deep.

- Make sure the bathwater is comfortably warm by testing with your wrist or elbow. Keep in mind that babies and toddlers generally prefer their tub water cooler than adults do.

- Be mindful of the types of bubble baths and soaps that you use on baby, being sure to choose baby-safe options as to not irritate their sensitive skin.

- Experts recommend only bathing newborns 2-3 times per week, instead opting for more frequent hand and diaper-area cleanings. (If your baby’s umbilical cord is still intact, avoid baths altogether and use baby wipes or washcloths).

- The most important tip: Never leave baby unsupervised in the tub and always keep at least one hand on baby.

Benefits of Baby Bath Time

The benefits of bath time are numerous. Not only is baby bath time a great way for parents and baby to bond and create a regular routine, bathing babies (especially in the comfy Blooming Bath) is a great way to calm fussy little ones. A warm bath before bedtime can also help prepare baby for a restful night of sleep, something all parents crave in the first few months of parenthood.

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