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  • Blooming Baby Carrier Gets Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center

    When people tell you that your baby carrier feels like a pillow, you know you're on to something...

    At Blooming Baby, we're known for our soft, plush flower baby bath. But, did you know that we're taking the same design principles from the Blooming Bath and applying them to a whole collection of baby products?

    After months of development, testing and baby wearing, we submitted our new Blooming Baby Carrier to the National Parenting Center. Several parents on their panel evaluated our comfy baby carrier and awarded us with the coveted National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.


    National Parenting Center Seal of Approval


    Here's what the expert parents loved most about our carrier:

    • They liked the seat support, which they felt was durable and comfortable for the baby.
    • The front pocket is perfect for holding cash, credit cards and a cell phone. It's positioned at the bottom of the carrier, which is especially important because it keeps mobile phones and electronic devices away from baby's body.
    • The mesh fabric helps keep baby cool and the shade/rain hood is a great feature which tucks nicely into the front pouch when not in use. It also makes a handy nursing cover.
    • Often overlooked is head support for your little one's head. The Blooming Baby Carrier impressed testers with the head support area which is plush, strong and comfortable.

    Thrilled with our results from The National Parenting Center, we wanted to take the Blooming Baby Carrier out into the world. We visited the Baby Wearing San Diego meetup group and donated three of our baby carriers to their lending library so moms could try out the carriers at no charge.

    Several moms tried our carrier. Babies that had been fidgeting, squirming and fussing instantly cozied up to mom and fell asleep. It was magical!


    Blooming Baby Carrier Deia Dressman and Julia Osborne wear the new Blooming Baby Carrier

    What sets the Blooming Baby Carrier Apart?

    The innovative panel at the back of the carrier keeps mom extra comfy. With so much focus on baby, people tend forget that moms (and dads!) need to be in the right position, too! 100% of the moms and dads who have worn our carrier have fallen in love with how comfortable and supportive it is, even after several hours!


    Baby Wearing - wear baby as much as possible Deia Dressman loves her Blooming Baby Carrier

    The Blooming Baby Carrier is compatible with two positions: front inward and front outward facing. It is designed to accommodate babies from 12 to 45 pounds. In addition, the carrier’s patent-pending support sets it apart from other baby carriers on the market by correctly supporting both the hips and thighs of baby as recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute. Put simply, this sucker is comfortable for both baby and parents!

    And can we just say, Deia and baby look absolutely adorable, don't they?


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  • 11 Tips for Surviving Your First Week After Maternity Leave Ends

    Dreading your first week back at work after maternity leave?

    It’s definitely a challenging time, and it requires a lot of preparation, both mentally and logistically.

    Blooming Baby’s Operations Manager, Deia Dressman, recently returned to work after a 3-month maternity leave. On the morning of her first day back she breezed into the office with a smile on her face, chatted with us all for a moment and went right to work. It was as if she had never left.

    Knowing how difficult the first week can be, I wanted to learn how Deia managed to keep it together, and then pass her best tips along to you.

    Blooming Baby Office Deia Dressman and baby hanging out at the office. She comes in from time to time to model our products and say hi to mom!

    At the end of the week, I had one burning question. How did she feel on her first day? Was she happy to be in the office or was she missing every second of quality of time with her baby??

    She shared, “The first day, surprisingly, felt really good. It felt great to get out of the house and let them (baby and nanny) do their thing and it felt nice to kind of ‘adult’ again.”

    But the days before Deia’s arrival back at the office weren’t quite as smooth. When asked about the days leading up to her return, Deia said, “I was dreading it. It was sad to leave my baby. I was definitely counting down the days and squeezing my baby a little tighter. It’s hard to leave something that you are so literally attached to constantly for the last 3 and-a-half months.”

    Fortunately, Deia was uber-prepared for her first week back and has some extra helpful tips.

    11 tips for a successful return to work after maternity leave ends Continue reading

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