Baby Names Analyzed By Age

When it comes to picking your baby’s name there are a variety of places to draw your inspiration, from popular movies and television shows, to baby name websites, to your own family tree. Now, there is another new twist on how to evaluate potential names – by the age of individuals with a certain name.

A recent article on FiveThirtyEightLife took data from the Social Security Administration and charted it against actuarial tables to find out how many living Americans have a particular name. The results were particularly interesting, especially when it came to female names.

The authors found that a name like Brittany only came into vogue within the last few decades, starting in the early 1980s. Which means most Brittanys you meet likely won't be much older than 25. The article also looked at the median ages of women with the 25 most common names.

Most Lisa’s are in their 40s, while most Dorothy’s (not surprisingly) are closer to the 70 age-range. Anna, is one female name that has spanned the decades with the median age of people living who have the name being 31.

Perhaps most interesting to new parents are the names of the younger set. When it comes to young female names, Eva, Mia, Sophie, Ella and Isabella are predominately in the 5 to 8 year-old range. For boys, Mason, Jayden, Liam and Aiden were between the ages of 4 and 8 years old.

One take away is, if you want to avoid your child entering preschool with 5 other kids with the same name, check out some of the article's findings, or you can just name your daughter Gertrude. The median living age for that name is 80, with 25 percent being over 87!

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