Baby Talk From Around the World


Where in the world do you live? Chances are, whatever your answer, it’s likely a place you can either buy or have a Blooming Bath delivered to your door.

Blooming Bath is proud to have cultivated relationships with a large number of baby products distributors not only across the United States, but around the world. We now have retailers stocking the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub in more than 15 countries and on four continents.  Want to find a retailer fast? Click here to find your closest Blooming Bath retailer.

In honor of our blooming growth, we thought it might be fun to share a bit of baby-themed slang from some of the countries you can find our baby bathtubs.

Australia In Australia, instead of being pregnant, women there are “Up the Duff” when they are with child.  While a baby could be referred to as a “rug rat,” a young child is called a “kiddiwink”. Mom’s Down Under also can be seen strolling with their babies in a “pusher” instead of a stroller. Finally, while in Australia if someone asks if your baby wants a “Dummy” they aren’t being insulting, they are simply inquiring if your baby wants a pacifier.

UK In the UK if your little one spits up, its called a “posset”. If he’s having a bad day, instead of a tantrum, he’ll throw a “wobbly” and may need to be put down for a nap in his “cot” a.k.a crib. Later in the day, mom may want to take him for a walk in his “push chair” but of course, she shouldn’t forget to change his “nappies” beforehand.

Canada In Canada instead of giving your baby a pacifier, you may give her the aptly named, “soother”. You’ll also be pushing her in a “pram” rather than a stroller.

What do you call different baby bath tubs in the country you live in? Let us know!


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