Blooming Bath Appears on TODAY's Bobbie Thomas featured the Blooming Bath for Babies on the morning talk show's segment: Bobbie's fun summer products for kids.

Bobbie serves as the show's Style Editor. We’re excited that the Blooming Bath has caught the eye of this  iconic maven of style. Bobbie calls the Blooming Bath for babies a must-have, smart solution for baby bath time and asks moms across America, "why not rub-a-dub-dub in a soft plush tub?" (we know we all would if we could!) Not only is the Blooming Bath comfortable and convenient for baby, it is also adorable and easy to wash and dry to use over and over again.

And be sure to check out Bobbie’s full list of buzz-worthy items for babies and tots  in her latest Tuesday Trend report, or on her website.

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