Blooming Bath Called a Must-Have for Siblings

Our friends over at Miss Frugal Mommy have discovered the Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub and were kind enough to write this lovely review about our comfy baby bath tub.

Miss Frugal Mommy is expecting baby number 3 (congrats!) and has been prepping her older children on how to be a good big sibling to the new arrival, including practicing how to give their new little brother or sister a proper bath. The kids have been practicing with baby dolls and, according to mom, it's not just the younger members of the family who are looking forward to the ease of bathing the new baby in the Blooming Bath.

"As my memory recalls, bath time wasn’t always the most fond experience for my children when they were newborns. There are so many things you must worry about in order to keep your baby happy and content during baths and I can’t imagine trying to add two siblings to the mix. However, the Blooming Bath has officially put all my worries aside and I am greatly looking forward to stress free bathing with the new baby and helpful siblings," Miss Frugal Mommy writes.

She goes onto say that in addition to creating a more relaxing baby bath time, the Blooming Bath will allow for more family bonding and less time spent worrying about adjusting baby, which had been the case using old-school, slippery plastic bath tubs.

"I truly believe that this is a must-have baby product, especially if there are younger siblings," she says.

You can read Miss Frugal Mommy's full review here. And don't forget that the Blooming Bath for babies makes a great shower gift, especially for mommies with bigger kids who want to help bathe the new baby.

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