Blooming Bath Featured on Red Tricycle


At Blooming Bath, we are all about having fun. Maybe that’s why we get along so well with the folks over at Red Tricycle, whose stated mission is to, “help parents have more fun with their kids.” The website offers loads of tips and suggestions on innovative ways to have fun with your kids (and babies).

Today, we are excited to report that Red Tricycle has added the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub to its ever-growing list of ways that parents can have fun with their kids (by using it during baby bath time, of course).

The Blooming Bath was recently featured in Red Tricycle’s “Splish Splash: 14 Essentials for Baby’s Bath” alongside a boatload of other great baby bath items.

We couldn’t agree more with Red Tricycle when they say that “bath time is bonding time.” From the comfiest baby bath tub, to hooded towels, to water temperature testers, their list of baby bathing essentials includes everything you need to ensure that bath time is both easy and fun.

When it comes to the perfect tub, Red Tricycle asks readers to “Picture your flower child kicking back on plush petals. The cushioned cradle can be simply popped in the dryer when you’re done.”

The Blooming Bath flower not only appeals to baby’s sensibilities, the benefit for parents are quickly apparent when they realize there are no more aches and pains from awkwardly trying to cradle baby in the sink during bath time.

Check out the Red Tricycle’s entire list of baby bathing essentials, here.


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