Blooming Bath for Babies Featured on Oklahoma Live!


Just before the Fourth of July, the Blooming Bath made a debt on KSBI’s Oklahoma Live morning show!

The show featured mom blogger Stephanie Clinton of who was sharing with the Oklahoma City viewing audience her favorite baby teething products.

As all of us who’ve gone through the teething process with our babies knows, it’s always a good idea to have a few go-to products on hand right around the three to four month mark when those chompers start appearing.

Along with sharing her favorite teething solutions (Mommy Bliss Gripe Water, Kids Relief Oral Gel and Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel with Xylitol) Stephanie just couldn’t resist showing off her canary colored Blooming Bath at the end of the segment.

“This is my favorite thing. I love this. Look at this cute thing!”

She went on to share how cozy the Blooming Bath for babies is, especially for new parents who worry about their new babies slipping and sliding around in the sink or tub.

The Blooming Bath is suitable for use with babies up to six months in the sink and then can also be used by infants who graduate onto the bigger tub, but still want the comfort and protection of Blooming Bath’s soft petals.

Stephanie said that as soon as the show was over her Blooming Bath was going to be sent to her friend with a six-week old. Stephanie, like many other parents we've talked to said she wished the Blooming Bath was around when her kids were babies.

Check out the full Oklahoma Live segment (Bloooming Bath feature starts at 24 minute mark) by clicking here. And don't forget to order a Blooming Bath for your next baby shower!


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