Blooming Bath Launches on

The Blooming Bath for babies has hit the bulls eye!  That’s right, Blooming Bath is excited to announce that retail sales of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub have launched online at, one of our favorite retailers! The Blooming Bath can now be purchased directly from The online store is currently selling three of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub styles: canary yellow, hot pink and turquoise, for just $40.00.

Within the next few months, Blooming Bath is hoping to also be added to Target’s brick and mortar line-up of baby products so you may soon be able to buy your favorite baby bath in your neighborhood Target store!

For now, you can buy your Blooming Bath for babies bathtub at Target’s online store along with all of your other must-have baby purchases like strollers, car seats, diapers and so much more.

In addition to now being able to shop directly for the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub on, new parents can also add the Blooming Bath to their Target Baby Gift Registry so all of your friends and family members can see that you want to be gifted the Blooming Bath for your baby shower. Buying the Blooming Bath bathtub for friends and family members who are expecting a baby has never been easier, especially if you already have an online account with The most adorable baby bath experience is just a few clicks away.

Blooming Bath is ecstatic about catching the eye of Target store buyers who are known for choosing products for its online marketplace and stores that embody fun, smart and affordable design. Now, there's one more way to order the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for your baby or for the expecting parents in your life.

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