Blooming Bath Perfect for the Tech-Minded

Here at Blooming Bath, we've always thought of our baby bath design as a revolutionary new and comfortable way to bathe baby. And now, we're happy to say that we're not the only ones who think so. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article featured the Blooming Bath on their list as one of the high-tech baby items that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer might just purchase for her new baby boy due in October.

The article touted the Blooming Bath as the perfect accompaniment to bath time. "For the times when the Yahoo CEO wants to make a splash at home, this foam-filled bath cushion shaped like a flower fits the bill. Soft for baby yet substantial enough to fill the sink, the Blooming Bath provides a convenient and fun way to bathe baby," the article says.

Along with the Blooming Bath, other high-tech baby must haves include a Wifi onesie that actually monitors the baby's breathing, temperature and body position and a futuristic looking baby crib that rocks babies up to five months without tipping over and resembles a baby bubble bed.

Read the full list of high-tech baby must haves, because you don't have to the CEO of a giant online media company to appreciate the latest baby product innovations.

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