Blooming Bath: Unlike Any Other

The Blooming Bath for babies has been called a lot of things: adorable, ingenious, even a godsend, but recently our friends over at Pregnancy Magazine applied another description to our comfy baby bath – “unlike any other tub.”

They were so right. We spend so much time at Blooming Bath focusing on how cute and comfy babies are in our tub that we sometimes take for granted how unique our little invention really is when compared to other baby bath tubs on the market today. The Blooming Bath for babies bath tub is the only tub of its kind that takes into account the comfort and needs of both new babies and new parents. And, it’s a “tub” that your kids will love even after they grow out of the baby stage.

Unlike traditional hard plastic tubs, the Blooming Bath tub for babies is a made of plush materials that cradle baby and keep him or her safe and supported during bath time in the kitchen or bathroom sink. The cushioned, anti-microbial flower is also a breeze for parents to clean, wash and dry after each use so it’s always ready for the next time.

Since Pregnancy Magazine it is the place first-time moms go to get trusted information about new baby products, we were pretty excited to get another mention on their website and in their magazine pages.

Along with pointing out the Blooming Bath’s uniqueness in the baby bath segment, the magazine also pointed out how, “The Blooming Bath keeps baby in the water and comes up high enough to support baby’s head, cushioning hard or pointed surfaces that might harm baby while in the sink.”

To find out just how different the Blooming Bath is from other tubs for babies, we encourage you to try it for yourself. You can choose from four adorable Blooming Bath colors including: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Canary Yellow and Ivory.

Like Pregnancy Magazine writer Andrea Garabedian says, “it’s a unique accessory you can use to bathe baby.”  It also makes a great baby shower gift!

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