Celebrate Spring With 20% off the Ivory Blooming Bath

Have you heard? Blooming Bath is celebrating spring with a special Blooming Bath sale. For a limited time, we are offering 20 percent off our ivory color Blooming Bath. To take advantage, simply use the code “spring20” at checkout.

The ivory color Blooming Bath for babies is a perfect gender-neutral color choice for both baby boys and girls and makes a great gift for parents who have decided not to find out the sex of their baby prior to delivery, which, according to recent statistics is just over 50 percent of people.

A Gallup Poll from 2007 found that the public is divided as to whether or not they would want to know the sex of their baby before hand. More than 6 in 10 American women ages 18-34 said that they would like to know the sex of the baby before it is born. Parents who already have children were also more likely to want to find out the gender of their child. Overall, 51 percent of Americans polled said that they would wait until the baby is born, while 47 percent said they wanted to be surprised.

If you are one of those in the majority who would like to be surprised, there are a number of good reasons to endure the suspense. Here are just a few:

1. It makes the birth all that more exciting – When you’ve been waiting nine months to find out whether you are having a little prince or princess, the anticipation is all the better once you find out. Your friends and family members will also be more excited to take part in the birth.

2. Your baby won't be typecast -  Especially when it comes to baby clothing, you won’t be inundated with a multitude of cute pink dresses (that your baby will probably never wear before growing out of them) or all blue attire for that matter.

3. It’s fun to guess -   Not knowing your baby’s gender leaves open the chance for everyone to be able to test out their own wives tale or intuition on how to determine if your are carrying a boy or girl.

4. You get to explore with fun colors- Not knowing means you can center your baby’s nursery theme and clothing around the entire rainbow of colors and not just pink and blue. It also means that your little one can get an adorable ivory Blooming Bath for babies at 20 percent off. Don’t forget to use the code “spring20” at checkout!


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