Classy Mommies Choose the Blooming Bath

Just like choosy moms choose certain peanut butters to go with their kids' jelly sandwiches, classy mommies choose the Blooming Bath for all their babies' bathing needs.

The Classy Mommy herself, Colleen Padilla, recently featured the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub on her popular parenting website,

A mother of three, Colleen talks in her post about how a number of new products and gadgets have come out in the past six years to make parents’ lives easier, including bathing products like the Blooming Bath. No longer do parents have to worry about dealing with uncomfortable and bulky plastic tubs now that their babies can bath in the comfort of plush flower pedals.

The Classy Mommy received her Blooming Bath for babies bath tub as a gift and said it was “a party favorite".

Whether you are a Classy Mommy expecting your next baby, or you’re shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, don’t forget that classy mommies choose the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for bathtime.

Check out the full ClassyMommy review of the Blooming Bath here.


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