Clever Ways To Deliver Your Baby Well Wishes

Often times the delivery of a new baby brings with it an increase in another type of deliveries – mail! New moms and dads are often inundated with cards filled with well wishes for their new bundle of joy from as early as the pregnancy is announced to weeks following the birth. We’ve come across a bundle of fun baby card ideas that we thought we’d deliver directly to your computer screen. Make your baby well-wishes stand out with these unique baby card ideas.

Then Comes Baby In A Baby Carriage

This cute and crafty baby carriage card is just too adorable. Use it for either a baby shower invitation or as  a traditional congratulations card for a new baby. The coolest part is, it's handmade. Here’s how you can recreate the card yourself.

Milestone Baby Cards

A great gift idea for new parents, milestone baby cards highlight a number of different milestones in a new baby’s life from the first time baby eats solid foods, to the first time baby says mama, and many more. Each card includes a space to write in the date the event takes place. Parents can keep them in a baby book, or take a picture with the dated card and baby at the time of the achievement. You can check out the whole line of milestone baby cards here.

For The New Mom

Let’s face it pregnancy isn’t a cakewalk, why not focus on the positive? And laugh a little too? We thought this card available on Esty accomplished both goals.

Gift Messaging

Does your favorite new mom-to-be live far away? Why not send her a Blooming Bath? We’ve recently added Gift Messaging on our website so you can add a personal note to your Blooming Bath gift for free. It's available now on our website order page.

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