DIY Halloween Costumes For Baby

It’s almost Halloween! And you know what that means – time to stock up on candy for the tricker-treaters, find a pumpkin for carving and of course, pick out the perfect Halloween costume. If you’ve welcomed a new baby into your family this year then Halloween gives you a free pass to dress up your baby in a photo-worthy costume for pictures that you will enjoy for years to come.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume for your little one doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Here are just a few simple, cute Halloween costumes that, with a little creativity, you can pull together on your own.

Baby Superhero

For your buddy Captain America or Wonder Woman, a superhero costume is not only appropriate, it is also easy to pull together from items you already have. Click here to see how suggests turning your little one into a superhero.

Raggedy Ann

This great baby costume idea from only requires your baby girl’s cutest dress and a simple wig beanie that sells for $25. Click here to see how to get the complete look.

Popcorn Vendor

Get your your popcorn! We thought this popcorn vendor costume for mom and baby was just too cute. Just decorate your baby carrier with a piece of cutout felt to resemble a popcorn bag and add popcorn pieces to a knit cap for baby. To top off the look, mom dresses in a white blouse and bow tie.

Baby Tiger Lily

If you have some extra time and a want to really go all out, this Baby Tiger Lily Costume idea from Martha Stewart Living is not only creative and beautiful, we also love that it incorporates both mom and baby into the same costume.  Click here to read complete directions on how to make either the orange tiger lily version or a pink stargazer lily.

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