Evesther Mama de 2 encanta el Blooming Bath

Blooming Bath is excited to share our first Spanish-language review with you! The Blooming was recently reviewed by latina mom and blogger Evelyn who writes and shoots video reviews for her blog - Evesther, mama de 2. Evelyn lives in Southern California and recently featured the Blooming Bath on her website.

Evelyn sums up her experience using the Blooming Bath for bath time with her baby by saying, “En pocas palabras me encanta.” Translation: “In short, I love it!”

In the review, she also mentions how in the past she would have to use a towel or cloth to make baths in the sink more comfortable for both herself and baby, but that’s no longer needed with the comfortable (and adorable) Blooming Bath flower.

In addition to the review and video, Evelyn also included some absolutely adorable photos of her little one enjoying the turquoise Blooming Bath. See the full review and video here.

Don’t forget to share Evesther, mama de 2’s review with all of your Spanish speaking friends. Do you live in another country and want to order the Blooming Bath for bath time with your baby? Our products are now being featured on Amazon.co.uk and ship to 26 countries across Europe (including Spain). Ordene el suyo hoy!

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