For baby boy with cerebral palsy, Blooming Bath works "fantastically"

At almost 17 month old, little Carsyn Halstead was still not able to hold himself upright.

“That definitely made it tough to bathe him in a tub or a sink,” said Sarah Halstead, whose youngest son has cerebral palsy and lobar holoprosencephaly. “And even in a baby bath tub he’d always just slip down and it was really rough.”

Enter Blooming Bath.

“It worked fantastically,” said Halstead, who blogs at and “We’ve been using it in the sink and we’ve also been using it inside a regular tub. It gives him some extra cushion so that he’s not flailing around.”

And that’s made bath time a lot more fun for everyone.

“Now he gets to take a bath with his big brother,” Halstead said. “They have such a fun time together — and I don’t have to hold him up the whole time.”

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