Goodbye Dragon, Hello Snake

It’s a brand new year. A brand new lunar year, that is. On Feb.10 millions of people around the world celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year. The event brought the close of the Year of the Dragon and ushered in the Year of the Snake.

The Chinese lunar calendar consists of 12 zodiac signs and the Dragon is said to be one of the luckiest signs to be born under. Even as the year came to a close, newly expecting parents in countries around the world were rushing to the hospital to deliver ‘lucky’ dragon babies.

According to news reports, the number of babies born during this past Dragon Year were the highest numbers of the decade, at 42,600.  The increase marks a 7 percent jump over the number of babies born in 2011. In Singapore alone there were 40,000 more births over 2011 figures.

Those parents who will now be welcoming babies born under the Snake sign are said to be looking forward to raising children who are polite, humble, energetic, smart and patient, but also at times demanding and cunning.

This year is also a water year so Snake babies are expected to be more adaptable and will easily tolerate others. In addition, babies born between now and the next Chinese New Year (on Jan. 31) will be charming, sociable and attractive.

Some of the well-known people born in past Snake Years include Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Franz Schubert, Alfred Nobel and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


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