Happy Father's Day from Blooming Bath

Many of our loyal Blooming Bath customers may have stumbled upon our product through their favorite mommy blog, or seeing a cute picture on Pinterest, but they may not know the background of our company.

The Blooming Bath was actually created by Eric Devericks, a father of three, who in his previous life, worked as a cartoonist for the Seattle Times.

When recession hit and he found himself out of a job, he doodled up a brand new idea – a better baby bath. Not only was the Blooming Bath fun and adorable - who wouldn’t want to bathe their baby in a huge flower - it solved a problem. Many new parents, especially dads, are a wee-bit scared to bath a slippery new baby in a sink where any number of things can happen.

The Blooming Bath alleviates those fears by keeping baby protected and safe, nestled among adorable foam-filled flower petals that can conform to any sink or plastic tub.

As Father’s Day approaches, Blooming Bath wants to send out warm Father’s Day wishes to the estimated 70.1 million dads across the country. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for catching those creepy crawlies, teaching us how to ride our bikes and for coming up with adorable products that make our lives just a little bit easier.

Happy Father’s Day!

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