Hot bloggity blog! High praise for Blooming Bath


"The perfect baby shower gift for the mom that has everything."

No. We didn't pay the awesome people at Today's Woman Blog to say that. And if we had paid them, we can assure you, we would have asked them to say something that doesn't sound like something we did pay them to say.

See? Logic.

But we digress. The point is that they love us, they really love us.

"Blooming Bath is simply adorable. Who wouldn’t want to bathe their baby in a sunflower?" Today's Woman wrote.

See what we mean?

And you know what? They're not alone. Across the momma-blogosphere, people are gushing over our safe, comfortable, convenient and absolutely adorable alternative to traditional baby baths. This week, for instance, we were totally flattered to read a great review for Blooming Bath at the Real Mom Reviews blog.

"Bath time in our house is a scream, and not a happy scream," wrote mom-of-six Skye Moyer, whose infant, Emmitt, wasn't always the biggest fan of bath time. "Emmitt can’t sit up on his own so taking a normal bath is kind of out of the question. We tried giving Emmitt a bath in the kitchen sink a few weeks ago but warm water + soap = a super slippery baby. Emmitt ended up nose diving into the sink faucet and he was not a happy camper."

Enter Blooming Bath.

"I put Emmitt in the Blooming Bath in the kitchen sink and give him his breakfast pouch of food. He makes a mess eats it while I unload the dishwasher and start breakfast. He gets clean, while I am cleaning — so we both win."

How cool is that?

Of course we're glad to see Blooming Bath getting the sort of praise that we've always thought it deserves. And insomuch as that might help us sell a few of these cuddly little flowers... well, of course that's great, too.

But really, truly and honestly: The best thing about reading these sorts of reviews is realizing that Blooming Bath is helping parents be parents — making baby bath time just a little bit easier for everyone.

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