Introducing the Mini Bloom Scrubbie

Sometimes, good things really do come in small packages. That is definitely the case with Blooming Bath’s newest baby bathing brainchild, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie.

No, your Blooming Bath for babies bath insert didn't shrink in the dryer, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie is the newest baby bathing accessory from Blooming Bath!

Just like its parent, the Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie is made of the same luxurious and plush cloth. And, just like its predecessor, it is soft and comfortable against babies’ skin.

This little Bloom is the perfect addition to baby bath time and will not only help your little one get clean during bath time, it will also bring a smile to your child's face during each and every bath. It’s so cute in fact; we have a sneaking suspicion that not just babies will be testing out this newest product.

You can find the Mini Bloom Scrubbies for sale on our website at, in both canary yellow and hot pink colors. The Scrubbies pair perfectly with the Blooming Bath for babies and our Petals Washclothes.

Whether you are buying baby bath products for a baby shower gift or for your own baby, there is nothing cuter to pamper baby with than these adorable products.

All of the materials used in the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub and our new Mini Bloom Scrubbies have been tested and approved for use with your little ones.

Check out our new Mini Bloom Scrubbie products and our classic Blooming Bath for babies online today at and rediscover bath time fun with your baby.


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