Is Too Much Bathing Bad for Baby?

An interesting new report out in Scotland links the frequency of baby baths to a rise in prescription medications for allergies. Since 2002, the number of allergy prescriptions has shot up to nearly 1.5 million from less than 900,000, the report said.

One of the reasons experts gave for the rise in allergy prescriptions may surprise many American parents: too many baths given to young babies. One expert said that when infants are bathed every night, it can take away important oils that protect baby's skin and can later cause them to develop allergies or skin problems like eczema.

Experts recommended only bathing young children about once or twice a week to help lesson the advent of future skin problems, allergies and even asthma. When parents do bath their babies, it’s  important to use simple products like a mild soap rather than fancy oils and bubble baths. The report also mentioned a study that showed using peanut-based creams and oils on young babies can also increase their chances of having a peanut allergy down the road.

Of course, as parents, we all know that babies get messy often, which makes us want to bathe them more. Another option instead of giving your baby a full soap and water bath every night, is to use your Blooming Bath to give your baby a sponge baths when the need arises and a regular bath once or twice a week.

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