Need a Baby Name? Cast your Belly Ballot

Here at Blooming Bath, we like to share news of the latest baby naming trends when we come upon them. We recently stumbled on a cool baby naming website that makes it easy to pick a list of your favorite baby names, share them with friends and family, get feedback and even win prizes.

The site is called Belly Ballot and it allows new parents the ability to create a “belly ballot” of the top baby names they are considering for their newborns.  Through the site, you are able to share the list of potential baby names with your friends and family members via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. People in your social network can provide feedback and suggestions on your names and help you decide which you like best.

When friends and family vote on the names, the parents-to-be also have the chance to win baby prizes. Once a name is chosen, the parents can announce it though Twitter or Facebook.

In addition to helping parents figure out the perfect name, the site recently shared some of the baby name data it has collected, resulting in some interesting predictions for baby names in the coming year.

Here are just of the few things the founders of the website are predicting when it comes to baby names in 2013.

Multiple names – Parent’s are having a harder time sticking to just a first and a middle name. More and more parents it seems will be giving their children multiple names - up to as many as five!

Throwback – Just like history often repeats itself, so do names. This year, we are likely to see more babies with names similar to the ones your grandma and grandpa have. A few examples: Charles, Eleanor, Pearl and Frank.

Different spellings- In an effort to set their children apart, many parents are now spelling their child’s names differently from there traditional spellings. Jaxon and Jaxen have become a popular alternative to the more traditional Jackson. Other examples include Josilyn and Avah.

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