Now in pink!

Blooming Bath Baby Bath PinkDon't get us wrong. We love our blue and yellow Blooming Baths.

But you asked for it. And we're here to serve. So, by popular demand...


... and with no further ado ...

... OK, a little further ado. See, first we've got to tell you about how this all came to be.

We'd thought about making a pink version of the Blooming Bath to begin with. But we heard that the turquoise and yellow colors would be more likely to appeal to folks who don't know what sex their babies will be.

Maybe that's true. But as it turns out, a lot of your like the color pink — and not just for your little girls.

Pink is, after all, a decidedly happy color. And a baby of any gender looks unbelievably adorable plopped down in the middle of it.

So yes — when we wanted to revolutionize the baby bath tub industry, we listened to our instincts. But when it was time to add another style to the Blooming Bath line of baby bath products, we listened to you.

And with that we give you Blooming Bath pink.


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