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  • Mom of 4 Shares Her Blooming Bath Story

    The Blooming Bath is more than just a cute and cuddly way to bathe your baby. Yes, that's definitely how we describe it, but every day our customers share the most beautiful stories about bath time!

    With their permission, we want to celebrate them with you, so more parents and caregivers can make the most out of their bath time experience.

    Recently, one of our Instagram followers, sent us a series of bubbly photos.Blooming Bath Yellow Untitled-1


    Here's what she wrote:

    "Hi there friends at Blooming Bath! We are on our 4th baby, and this is the first time we've had a Blooming Bath.

    Let me just say bath time with a wee one has never been easier. It's so nice to not have a big bulky tub to fold up and store.

    Not to mention the ease and safety I have during her bath, even as she grows.

    Thank you for helping me enjoy something that SHOULD be enjoyed! Bath time is a much sweeter time now for this mama.

    Best, Baby Abrie and Sarah"

    Another Blooming Bath satisfied customer It's all about the flowers!

    Huge thank you to Sarah for taking the time to share her story!

    If you want to see more from Sarah, follow her page on Instagram @sarah_lit

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  • A New and Improved Hugga Bebe

    We kept getting requests to make one, so we did. Parents know they can trust Blooming Baby to create unique and innovative products that make their everyday activities fun and special.

    And when Hugga-Bebe stopped making plush seat inserts, parents were left in a tight spot. Their little ones were sitting up and jumping around in their Jumparoos, but sliding all over the place. Simply put, they weren't being  supported properly. Those one-size-fits-all restaurant highchairs are no fun for little ones. Same with bucket swings and shopping cart seats.

    Parents looked long and hard for another solution, and came up empty.

    Side note: our first inkling that there was a need for a new baby seat insert came when we saw one of our customers using their Blooming Bath as a seat insert in a bucket swing!

    Blooming Bath - Blooming Baby Seat Insert The Blooming Bath being used as a makeshift seat insert!

    Because Blooming Baby makes the soft and plush Blooming Bath, parents came to the logical conclusion that we could save the day and create a seat insert for little ones who are still too itty bitty for the big kid seats. This came at a time when were finalizing our new products, including a Blooming Baby Carrier, a stylish diaper bag and our microfiber hooded towel.

    Things were very busy over here, so we had to put the seat insert project on hold for a little while.

    Once our other new products have reached their final stages, we were finally able to get to work on the seat insert!

    Blooming Baby Seat Insert - New Improved Hugga Bebe The Blooming Baby Seat Insert is ideal for exersaucers, Jumparoos and activity centers!

    We studied the design of the Hugga-Bebe and made it even better. Lots better! Plusher fabric, more neck support, a rear securing strap and a toy strap attachment are just a few of the improvements we made to the original.

    Blooming Baby Plush Baby Seat Insert The plush baby seat insert is a lifesaver at restaurants!

    We've been so excited about offering this, that it's been hard to keep this under wraps. We got a very small shipment in, and we must admit, they're gorgeous! We expect to sell out quickly, but more will be coming very soon!


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  • 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Blooming Bath

    Did you know that your Blooming Bath is so much more than just a baby bath?

    Over the years our customers have found dozens of creative ways to use their Blooming Baths. Below we highlight our 10 favorites:

    10 Creative ways to use your Blooming Bath

    Continue reading

  • Blooming Baby Carrier Gets Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center

    When people tell you that your baby carrier feels like a pillow, you know you're on to something...

    At Blooming Baby, we're known for our soft, plush flower baby bath. But, did you know that we're taking the same design principles from the Blooming Bath and applying them to a whole collection of baby products?

    After months of development, testing and baby wearing, we submitted our new Blooming Baby Carrier to the National Parenting Center. Several parents on their panel evaluated our comfy baby carrier and awarded us with the coveted National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.


    National Parenting Center Seal of Approval


    Here's what the expert parents loved most about our carrier:

    • They liked the seat support, which they felt was durable and comfortable for the baby.
    • The front pocket is perfect for holding cash, credit cards and a cell phone. It's positioned at the bottom of the carrier, which is especially important because it keeps mobile phones and electronic devices away from baby's body.
    • The mesh fabric helps keep baby cool and the shade/rain hood is a great feature which tucks nicely into the front pouch when not in use. It also makes a handy nursing cover.
    • Often overlooked is head support for your little one's head. The Blooming Baby Carrier impressed testers with the head support area which is plush, strong and comfortable.

    Thrilled with our results from The National Parenting Center, we wanted to take the Blooming Baby Carrier out into the world. We visited the Baby Wearing San Diego meetup group and donated three of our baby carriers to their lending library so moms could try out the carriers at no charge.

    Several moms tried our carrier. Babies that had been fidgeting, squirming and fussing instantly cozied up to mom and fell asleep. It was magical!


    Blooming Baby Carrier Deia Dressman and Julia Osborne wear the new Blooming Baby Carrier

    What sets the Blooming Baby Carrier Apart?

    The innovative panel at the back of the carrier keeps mom extra comfy. With so much focus on baby, people tend forget that moms (and dads!) need to be in the right position, too! 100% of the moms and dads who have worn our carrier have fallen in love with how comfortable and supportive it is, even after several hours!


    Baby Wearing - wear baby as much as possible Deia Dressman loves her Blooming Baby Carrier

    The Blooming Baby Carrier is compatible with two positions: front inward and front outward facing. It is designed to accommodate babies from 12 to 45 pounds. In addition, the carrier’s patent-pending support sets it apart from other baby carriers on the market by correctly supporting both the hips and thighs of baby as recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute. Put simply, this sucker is comfortable for both baby and parents!

    And can we just say, Deia and baby look absolutely adorable, don't they?


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  • 11 Tips for Surviving Your First Week After Maternity Leave Ends

    Dreading your first week back at work after maternity leave?

    It’s definitely a challenging time, and it requires a lot of preparation, both mentally and logistically.

    Blooming Baby’s Operations Manager, Deia Dressman, recently returned to work after a 3-month maternity leave. On the morning of her first day back she breezed into the office with a smile on her face, chatted with us all for a moment and went right to work. It was as if she had never left.

    Knowing how difficult the first week can be, I wanted to learn how Deia managed to keep it together, and then pass her best tips along to you.

    Blooming Baby Office Deia Dressman and baby hanging out at the office. She comes in from time to time to model our products and say hi to mom!

    At the end of the week, I had one burning question. How did she feel on her first day? Was she happy to be in the office or was she missing every second of quality of time with her baby??

    She shared, “The first day, surprisingly, felt really good. It felt great to get out of the house and let them (baby and nanny) do their thing and it felt nice to kind of ‘adult’ again.”

    But the days before Deia’s arrival back at the office weren’t quite as smooth. When asked about the days leading up to her return, Deia said, “I was dreading it. It was sad to leave my baby. I was definitely counting down the days and squeezing my baby a little tighter. It’s hard to leave something that you are so literally attached to constantly for the last 3 and-a-half months.”

    Fortunately, Deia was uber-prepared for her first week back and has some extra helpful tips.

    11 tips for a successful return to work after maternity leave ends Continue reading
  • Enter our Mother's Day Giveaway!

    We're celebrating Mother's Day with a huge giveaway...

    UPDATE 5/9/2016 - Congratulations to our winners Angela Bachuss and Olivia Boyle! Your packages are on their way!

    2 lucky winners will get an Ultimate Blooming Baby Kit valued at $350.00.

    This is a must-have for new moms, and it includes the entire collection of Blooming Baby products!

    Click here to enter the contest

    The Ultimate Blooming Baby Kit includes:

    Blooming Bath

    Our signature product, the Blooming Bath is loved by parents and babies around the world. Why would anyone want to bathe their baby in a hard, plastic tub when they could surrount their little one in the cuddly softness of an adorable plush flower?

    blooming bath yellow
    Blooming Baby Hooded Towel

    Hooded Towel

    As functional as it is adorable, this Hooded Towel is made from the same advanced material used in premium, quick-dry hair towels, because we know that at this age, those wiggle worms don't stay still for long. That means you've got a dry, warm and happy baby faster than you can say bloom!

    Continue reading
  • Amazon Gets Creative with the Blooming Bath

    Imagine our surprise when we saw this:

    blooming bath amazon The Blooming Bath is on the front page of the Amazon Baby Registry!

    Apparently Amazon agrees with us - the Blooming Bath is quite literally the cutest baby product on the planet!

    Amazon has the "Earth's biggest solution" of products, and we are absolutely tickled that they chose our product to highlight on the front page.

    Here's something else we think is pretty neat: Amazon shows a creative way to use the Blooming Bath, and we think it's super cute.

    While parents and babies love the Blooming Bath for its soft plushness and delightful design, they've also discovered that their Blooming Baths can be used for lots of other things, too. We've seen them used as play mats, decorative rugs, stroller pads and more.

    What have you used your Blooming Bath for other than bath time? Please comment below. We'd love to hear your ideas!


  • The Best Tantrum Elimination Trick... Ever!

    How to Stop a Temper Tantrum...Instantly

    Want to know how to stop a temper tantrum in its tracks?

    Read on...

    I am a parent who has successfully navigated the treacherous waters of parenting two toddlers.

    I have a proven process to share that will work wonders for:

    • Stopping a temper tantrum without yelling or scolding
    • Getting your child to stop doing something undesirable
    • Negotiate with them so you get what you want, and they think they're winning!

    I have used this ONE trick hundreds of times and it has ALWAYS worked.

    Here it goes...

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  • Blooming Baby Carrier a JPMA Innovation Award Finalist


    There are a number of adjectives that can describe our Blooming Baby products: adorable, comfortable, cozy and delightful are just a few. But now, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) has added a new one to the list: Innovative.

    Blooming Baby is thrilled to learn that one of our newest products, the Blooming Baby Carrier, has been named as a finalist in the JPMA Innovation Awards!

    Each year, JPMA holds a competition for the most innovative products on the market. It’s one of the most prestigious product design awards out there.

    Products that are chosen are judged on their innovation, marketability, trend-setting potential, appeal and usefulness.

    More than 100 companies enter their most cutting-edge products and only the top 45 products move onto the judging round. The Blooming Baby Carrier will be judged along with the other candidate’s onsite at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas October 18-21. Only 10 of those will go on to be given a JPMA Innovation Award.

    Three years ago the Blooming Bath was also a JPMA Innovation Awards Finalist, and look how successful it has become.

    The Blooming Baby Carrier was designed to feel like an extension of yourself from the moment you put it on. Baby fits in snuggly and safely in either the inward or outward facing carrying positions and the advanced materials and wrap design make it wearable for hours.

    The carrier’s patent-pending support set it apart from other baby carriers on the market by correctly supporting both the hips and thighs as recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute.

    You can pre-order your Blooming Baby Carrier now and it will ship to you by October 15. Get yours now because we expect them to go fast.

  • The Blooming Baby Brand is Born

    BloomingBaby_logo is excited to announce the arrival of a brand new line of baby products!

    Most well-loved for its signature product, the adorable and plush Blooming Bath for babies bathtub, the expanded Blooming Baby brand now includes delightful products babies and parents will enjoy both in and out of the tub.

    “Since our launch in 2011 we’ve heard our customers rave about the plush softness and adorableness of the Blooming Bath for babies,” said company CEO Brian Pond. “Inspired by its success, we’ve designed an entirely new line of soft, practical and one-of-a-kind baby products. These new products will, much like the Blooming Bath, make spending time with your baby doing daily activities a little more comfortable and enjoyable."

    In August, Blooming Baby announced the addition of three new products to its retail line- up including: the Baby Carrier, Blooming Bag and Hooded Towel.


    Baby Carrier: We’ve taken our baby products out of the bathtub and into the world with our Blooming Baby Carrier. Keep baby close and incredibly comfortable when you’re out and about with this easy to use, supportive, soft and safe baby carrier. Made with an innovative, patent pending, design offering soft and breathable fabrics, as well as top-notch support for parents’ back and shoulders.

    Blooming Bag: Stand out from the crowd with this first-of-its-kind bag that makes getting out of the house with baby easier than you’d ever imagine. With a built in changing pad, one-handed access and enough space to store everything you and your baby needs, you’ll be on the go in style.


    Hooded Towel: Surround your baby in adorable softness both in and out of the tub with our newest product, the Hooded Towel. It’s a towel. It’s a robe. It’s a flower. Whatever you call it, it’s sure to be the superhero among your child’s bathing accessories; one that

    Each Blooming Baby product is made with only the softest and safest materials for baby. Our products have been rigorously tested and proven baby safe.

    Blooming Baby’s newest products can be found exclusively online at The Blooming Bath for babies bathtub can be found on, and in select retailers such as Babies ‘R’ Us, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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