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  • Petals Blooming Bath Washcloths, We Definitely Love You

    A flower just wouldn’t be a flower without its petals. Oftentimes, all it takes is a few petals strewn about to create a breathtakingly beautiful scene. And without petals, how would we ever find out if he/she loves us (or loves us not)? At Blooming Bath, we took our cue from nature when we decided that every flower could do with a few extra petals. That’s why we created our Petals Baby Bath Washcloths. And just like the Blooming Bath flower these petals “fall” from, they are super soft and super comfortable.

    Blooming Bath’s Petals Baby Bath Washcloths are one of the latest baby products in our comfy baby bathing line. These super soft washcloths were conceived during production of our Blooming Bath for babies bathtub blooms. Not wanting even one spare inch of our comfy baby bath material to go to waste, we took what fell from the bloom of our baby bathtubs and created these adorably fun petals.

    Made of luxurious polyester plush cloth, just like the soft tub layer of the blooming bath, they are soft against babies skin and absorb the perfect amount of water and soap to get baby clean and happy with every bath.

    Our Petals Baby Bath Washcloths come in packs of 3 in the same fun colors as the Blooming Bath for babies bathtubs – canary yellow, turquoise and hot pink. They make a great addition to your Blooming Bath for babies purchase. And, at just $9.99 per packet, you can afford to mix and match all of your favorite colors.

    Order your Petals Baby Bath Washcloths today. They also make the perfect baby shower gift for new moms and dads.

  • Blooming Bath Voted as the Newborn Essentials Winner

    Well Blooming Bath fans, you’ve done it again. Because of your love of the Blooming Bath bathtub and, quite frankly, all of your mouse clicks, you’ve helped us, once again, be voted as one of the best products in the Parenting Awards.

    That’s right, for the second year in a row The Blooming Bath Babies has been named as a SheKnows Parenting Award Winner. SheKnows Parenting awards recognize the best in their class baby and parenting products found on the market.

    For 2013, the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub was nominated in the Newborn Essentials category under Baby Care. After almost a month of voting by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and baby lovers from around the country, the public spoke, choosing the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub as their favorite Newborn Essential.

    Blooming Bath feels doubly honored by the win, not only because this is the second time that our customers have shown how much they love our adorable baby bath, but because it shows how useful our new and returning customers find the Blooming Bath for little ones.

    The site said the following about our baby bathtub:

    “Handmade from incredibly soft, cuddly materials the Blooming Bath is made from natural antimicrobial materials. The flower-shaped bath pillow conforms to the shape of any sink and keeps those little wiggle worms right where they belong. When finished bathing, gently squeeze out the excess water and throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes.”

    You can read about all of the 2013 parenting award winners and nominees here.

    Now, how would you like to be the winner? Blooming Bath has teamed up with Little Giraffe so you can win a crib full of essential baby products worth more than $777? Click here to take part in our latest holiday giveaway. A total of 5 winners will be chosen (US residents only).

  • Introducing the Mini Bloom Scrubbie

    Sometimes, good things really do come in small packages. That is definitely the case with Blooming Bath’s newest baby bathing brainchild, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie.

    No, your Blooming Bath for babies bath insert didn't shrink in the dryer, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie is the newest baby bathing accessory from Blooming Bath!

    Just like its parent, the Blooming Bath for Babies bathtub, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie is made of the same luxurious and plush cloth. And, just like its predecessor, it is soft and comfortable against babies’ skin.

    This little Bloom is the perfect addition to baby bath time and will not only help your little one get clean during bath time, it will also bring a smile to your child's face during each and every bath. It’s so cute in fact; we have a sneaking suspicion that not just babies will be testing out this newest product.

    You can find the Mini Bloom Scrubbies for sale on our website at, in both canary yellow and hot pink colors. The Scrubbies pair perfectly with the Blooming Bath for babies and our Petals Washclothes.

    Whether you are buying baby bath products for a baby shower gift or for your own baby, there is nothing cuter to pamper baby with than these adorable products.

    All of the materials used in the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub and our new Mini Bloom Scrubbies have been tested and approved for use with your little ones.

    Check out our new Mini Bloom Scrubbie products and our classic Blooming Bath for babies online today at and rediscover bath time fun with your baby.


  • Blooming Bath Now Available Online at Babies"R"Us

    Blooming Bath is excited to announce that the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub can now be purchased online at America’s leading baby retailer, Babies“R”Us!

    That’s right, our adorable, safe and comfortable baby bathtub is now being featured online at Parents know what a huge honor this is for us because the store features a number of must-have items for new parents.

    Babies”R”Us is part of the well-known Toys”R”Us brand and boasts 250 locations nationwide. Babies”R”Us sells a wide assortment of products for newborns and infants including: baby furniture, strollers, car seats, diapers, formula, bedding, clothing and a wide selection of baby gift items.

    The Blooming Bath for babies bathtub is available online at Babies”R” in hot pink, canary yellow and turquoise for $39.99. After an initial online trial, we anticipate Babies”R”Us to begin carrying the Blooming Bath in all of its brick-and-mortar retail stores nationwide.

    Along with the exposure that comes with being featured in one of the most well-known baby stores in the country, the other good news about Blooming Bath being a part of the Babies”R”Us line up of products is that our customers can now take advantage of Babies”R”Us baby gift registry.

    Babies”R”Us offers a convenient online and in-store baby registry that eliminates the guesswork and geographic barriers of gift-buying so friends and relatives can easily go to any store location or to choose and send the perfect gift. As many of you know, The Blooming Bath for babies bathtub makes a perfect baby shower gift for first-time and experienced parents alike.

    Be sure to check out our baby bath products on You could be among the first to write a review or, add our products to your favorite Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us Toy and Baby Boards.

  • Pin Your Favorite "I Want That Items"

    Chances are, you have a running wish list of things that you want for your home, right? Maybe it’s a new shower head or a bow tie collar for your pooch.  Whatever is on your list, know that you aren’t the alone. There is actually a show on the DIY Network called “I Want That”, which features American’s must haves products and items for the home.

    According to the “I Want That” website, the show provides a “fast-paced tour through the latest and greatest products… every half-hour episode is packed with in-depth profiles and highlights of a dozen of the hottest must-haves for every home.”

    The Blooming Bath for babies bathtub was recently featured in one of the show's  fast-paced episodes back in April when a new mom tested and approved of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub for her infant daughter who, (before having the Blooming Bath) would always cry during bath time.

    Now, the Blooming Bath has been selected as one of the network's season 3 favorite items! The show has picked the top 40 items and pinned them in their “best of collection” on Pinterest. Viewers and pinners are being asked to share and repin their favorites on Pinterest and help the network pick favorites for its newest special, “I Want That the Most!”

    Be sure to visit their best of collection on Pinterest and repin your favorites. There are lots of amazing and diverse products to choose from, ranging from household DIY items, to pet products, to bath products.

    And don’t forget to tune into the show on December 3 at 10:30/9:30c to see if the Blooming Bath gets picked as one of America’s all-time favorite items, one of the ones that you want the most!

    Get pinning now!


  • What Happens in Vegas ...

    This week, what happens in Vegas probably won’t stay in Vegas. At least that’s what we’re hoping, because Blooming Bath is at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas!

    That’s right, we are at one of the fastest growing trade shows in the US. We're here touting the virtues (adorableness, comfortableness and all-around cuteness) of the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub in front of a captive audience of baby products lovers.

    For the numbers folks in the crowd, there are more than 4,343 buyers, 435 sales representatives, 1,871 retail stores and 401 members of the media attending this show, as well as buyers from 66 different countries. All-in-all, more than 13,000 attendees are expected to converge on this private trade show event.

    That’s a lot of Blooming Bath love to share. And we are ready for it. We’ve come armed with our softest Blooming Bath Bathtubs and Puddle Baby Bath washcloths along with shots of some of the cutest babies enjoying our bathtubs that you've ever seen.

    If you happen to be one of the buyers, sales reps or store representatives attending the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, we invite you to stop by Blooming Bath's booth at #1509 to say hi. We’re excited to share the love with you. And we're willing to bet, once you see the Blooming Bath,  you won’t be able to leave it in Vegas either.

  • Blooming Bath and Moby Wrap Team Up for Giveaway!

    Some things just go well together. Peanut butter and jelly, Burt and Ernie and now, Blooming Bath and Moby Wrap. Blooming Bath is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Moby Wrap for our latest giveaway promotion.

    If you’re not familiar with the company, Moby Wrap was started by parents (just like Blooming Bath) looking for the perfect baby carrier. What they came up with was a solution made of some of the softest cotton fabrics available. The wrap distributes the baby’s weight evenly creating a comfortable fit for both the wearer and for baby.

    Similarly, Blooming Bath was started by a group of dads looking for a better baby bathing solution. What they came up with was the adorable, comfortable and supportive Blooming Bath for babies bathtub flower. The Blooming Bath’s soft petals support and comfort baby and parents throughout bath time.

    Now your baby can be comfortable and supported both during bath time and while on the go when you enter to win our latest giveaway. The lucky winner will receive a Moby Wrap and a Blooming Bath (winner gets to choose their color preferences).

    What are you waiting for? Enter now because we will choose a winner this Friday, October 11. All you need to do is click here and complete the steps to enter. Share with your friends and you will earn an extra entry.

    Good luck!

  • Vote for Your Favorite Baby Bath

    Blooming Bath is excited to announce that our baby bathtub has (for the second year in a row) been nominated for a SheKnows Parenting Award! For those who aren’t familiar, the award recognizes the pregnancy and parenting products that moms and kids love.

    One of the many things that we love about being nominated for this great award is it really is parents who decide who wins these awards because YOU get to vote on your favorite baby items.  That’s right, SheKnows wants all their readers -moms, dads, expecting moms, grandparents – anyone who has favorite baby items they use and love to vote for their favorite baby products.

    You can let your voice be heard by voting for one product in each category, each day from now until October 7th. Winners will be announced on November 1.

    If you love the Blooming Bath we’d love to get your vote! The Blooming Bath is being nominated in the Newborn Essentials category under Baby Care.

    All you have to do is click here to cast your vote for your favorite baby bath tub – the Blooming Bath.

    Last year, with your help, we won the 2012 SheKnows Parenting Award in the baby bathtub category. This year, we’d love your help to take the number one Baby Care item in the Newborn Essentials category.

    Help us out by voting for us now!

  • Baby Talk From Around the World


    Where in the world do you live? Chances are, whatever your answer, it’s likely a place you can either buy or have a Blooming Bath delivered to your door.

    Blooming Bath is proud to have cultivated relationships with a large number of baby products distributors not only across the United States, but around the world. We now have retailers stocking the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub in more than 15 countries and on four continents.  Want to find a retailer fast? Click here to find your closest Blooming Bath retailer.

    In honor of our blooming growth, we thought it might be fun to share a bit of baby-themed slang from some of the countries you can find our baby bathtubs.

    Australia In Australia, instead of being pregnant, women there are “Up the Duff” when they are with child.  While a baby could be referred to as a “rug rat,” a young child is called a “kiddiwink”. Mom’s Down Under also can be seen strolling with their babies in a “pusher” instead of a stroller. Finally, while in Australia if someone asks if your baby wants a “Dummy” they aren’t being insulting, they are simply inquiring if your baby wants a pacifier.

    UK In the UK if your little one spits up, its called a “posset”. If he’s having a bad day, instead of a tantrum, he’ll throw a “wobbly” and may need to be put down for a nap in his “cot” a.k.a crib. Later in the day, mom may want to take him for a walk in his “push chair” but of course, she shouldn’t forget to change his “nappies” beforehand.

    Canada In Canada instead of giving your baby a pacifier, you may give her the aptly named, “soother”. You’ll also be pushing her in a “pram” rather than a stroller.

    What do you call different baby bath tubs in the country you live in? Let us know!


  • Blooming Bath: Unlike Any Other

    The Blooming Bath for babies has been called a lot of things: adorable, ingenious, even a godsend, but recently our friends over at Pregnancy Magazine applied another description to our comfy baby bath – “unlike any other tub.”

    They were so right. We spend so much time at Blooming Bath focusing on how cute and comfy babies are in our tub that we sometimes take for granted how unique our little invention really is when compared to other baby bath tubs on the market today. The Blooming Bath for babies bath tub is the only tub of its kind that takes into account the comfort and needs of both new babies and new parents. And, it’s a “tub” that your kids will love even after they grow out of the baby stage.

    Unlike traditional hard plastic tubs, the Blooming Bath tub for babies is a made of plush materials that cradle baby and keep him or her safe and supported during bath time in the kitchen or bathroom sink. The cushioned, anti-microbial flower is also a breeze for parents to clean, wash and dry after each use so it’s always ready for the next time.

    Since Pregnancy Magazine it is the place first-time moms go to get trusted information about new baby products, we were pretty excited to get another mention on their website and in their magazine pages.

    Along with pointing out the Blooming Bath’s uniqueness in the baby bath segment, the magazine also pointed out how, “The Blooming Bath keeps baby in the water and comes up high enough to support baby’s head, cushioning hard or pointed surfaces that might harm baby while in the sink.”

    To find out just how different the Blooming Bath is from other tubs for babies, we encourage you to try it for yourself. You can choose from four adorable Blooming Bath colors including: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Canary Yellow and Ivory.

    Like Pregnancy Magazine writer Andrea Garabedian says, “it’s a unique accessory you can use to bathe baby.”  It also makes a great baby shower gift!

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