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  • Ways To Save Money When Expecting A New Baby

    Having a baby isn't cheap. In fact, government statistics estimate that the average middle-income family will spend around $10,000 within the first two years having their first baby. That can be hard to swallow, especially in tough economic times, but there are a number of ways to save money when expecting a baby, from using cloth diapers, to breastfeeding, to creating a budget. Below are some great tips for saving money when preparing to welcome your new bundle of joy.

    Make a Budget and stick to it. One way to ensure that you don’t go overboard  buying cute baby clothes, when you really should be socking money away for necessities like a crib and stroller are to create a budget. Here is a great baby budgeting tool that allows you to calculate both one-time expenses and monthly expenses. The good news is, if you’re deciding to have more than one baby, you will spend far less the second time around.

    Breastfeed if you can. There are a couple of ways this will save you money in the long run. First, formula can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 when totaled for the first year of a baby’s life. In addition, products you will use for breastfeeding, such as breast pumps, are tax deductible.

    Using Cloth Diapers that can be used over and over again can save you a bundle over disposable diapers. Baby products, including one-time use diapers can be expensive. Experts say new parents will spend upwards of $2,000 on disposable diapers before a baby is potty trained compared to spending about $300-$700 on various reusable diapers.

    Baby Shower Tricks. Here’s a great trick to ensure that your baby shower guests will buy you more useful gifts like diapers and supplies rather than baby clothes – don’t tell them the sex of your baby. If you can’t bear not telling friends and family the sex of your baby, think about creating a baby registry for the items you really need and ask your guests to stick to it. This will help to ensure that your baby shower gifts are the ones you want and need.

    Find Deals. When it comes to the day-to-day expenses of having a baby, it’s always a good idea to search your favorite retailers, mommy blogs and product pages for discounts, coupon codes and other deals. The same goes for products like our very own Blooming Bath for babies. We try to partner with a number of different sites to offer deals to you. Check out our Facebook Page to see the latest discounts and giveaways.

  • Blooming Bath Is Growing!

    Blooming Bath is in full bloom - quite literally. Here at Blooming Bath, we are happy to announce that we are in full growth mode. Thanks to our dedicated following of moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and friends who have discovered the Blooming Bath as an adorable, fun and safe way to bathe baby. To keep up with demand, we have moved into a new 10,000 square-foot warehouse to accommodate our growing bouquet of blooms.

    Located in beautiful San Diego (where the sun shines 266 days a year for the best blooming conditions) our new warehouse can hold up to 24,000 Blooming Baths! That's a lot of adorable smiles waiting to be unpacked. Our new facility makes it possible for us to process a total of 2,000 orders a day. And with new partnerships between Blooming Bath and Amazon, as well as Blooming Bath recently being featured on Groupon Goods, we've been sending out a lot of Blooming Baths lately. Our new record shipped in one day has been 3,021.

    So keep pinning us on Pinterest and letting your family and friends know about the most adorable baby bath on the market, and we'll keep growing Blooming Baths for you and your baby to enjoy.

  • Happy Father's Day from Blooming Bath

    Many of our loyal Blooming Bath customers may have stumbled upon our product through their favorite mommy blog, or seeing a cute picture on Pinterest, but they may not know the background of our company.

    The Blooming Bath was actually created by Eric Devericks, a father of three, who in his previous life, worked as a cartoonist for the Seattle Times.

    When recession hit and he found himself out of a job, he doodled up a brand new idea – a better baby bath. Not only was the Blooming Bath fun and adorable - who wouldn’t want to bathe their baby in a huge flower - it solved a problem. Many new parents, especially dads, are a wee-bit scared to bath a slippery new baby in a sink where any number of things can happen.

    The Blooming Bath alleviates those fears by keeping baby protected and safe, nestled among adorable foam-filled flower petals that can conform to any sink or plastic tub.

    As Father’s Day approaches, Blooming Bath wants to send out warm Father’s Day wishes to the estimated 70.1 million dads across the country. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for catching those creepy crawlies, teaching us how to ride our bikes and for coming up with adorable products that make our lives just a little bit easier.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  • The Blooming Bath - Parent Tested, Parent Approved!

    Blooming Bath is proud to be a Parent Tested, Parent Approved Baby Bath Product Winner. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Parent Tested, Parent Approved organization, it is said to be North America's largest parent tester community, a credible third-party resource for parents that boasts more than 60,000 volunteer parent testers.

    The Blooming Bath has received the organization's famous, award-winning seal of approval in the baby bath category. PTPA Founder and CEO Sharon Vinderine says the following about the organization's seal:

    “Seeing the PTPA Winner's Seal on a product package or website helps consumers identify products that have been tested and recommended by their peers. It's like shopping with your best friend."

    We're happy to report that the testers who evaluated the Blooming Bath had great things to say about it providing both a safe and comfortable bathing environment for baby.

    Here is just one of the many positive evaluations from PTPA product testers:

    "I did find that my son was comfortable when using this product. I felt that the bathing experience was more safe as there was no slipping and sliding around when he was on the Blooming Bath. I think that by having the padded Blooming Bath in the sink also provided a longer warmer bathing experience as the water absorbed into the mat keeping him more comfortable and a little warmer at the same time. He was absolutely happy when using this product, and I plan on using it as long as I possibly can. Hopefully he doesn't grow too quickly!"

    Check out all of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Baby Bath products.


  • The Picture Perfect Blooming Bath

    If you're like most people, you saw the adorable pictures of babies being bathed in the Blooming Bath flower and said, "That is so cute. I want one for my baby." We like to think that the Blooming Bath is the most camera-friendly baby bath ever created in the history of the universe. And after Wyoming-based photographer Andrea James recently used The Blooming Bath (and some gorgeous babies) as the subject of her latest photo shoot, we've decided its been confirmed. Because pictures are truly worth more than a thousand words. We'll stop writing now and let you enjoy these great shots from Andrea James Photography. We're pretty sure after you see these, you're going to want one for your baby too. Click here to see all of her amazing photos.

  • Need Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

    If you need gift ideas for an upcoming baby shower, check out's Baby Shower Gift Guide. We're excited to say the Blooming Bath landed the # 1 spot as a practical and adorable baby shower gift choice. But the list also includes great, affordable baby gear that both baby and mom will love. We especially like their #6 pick - baby legwarmers and pick #4 - a necklace for mom that is imprinted with baby's fingerprints. What a fantastic idea! If you're tired of giving the same old boring baby shower gifts, then check out Simply Real Moms list of baby shower ideas. You'll be sure to stand out at your next shower with one of these great gifts in hand.

  • Want To Get A Blooming Bath For Free? Check Out These Giveaways

    If you are anything like us, then you love getting a great deal. And there's no better deal than free. That's why we've partnered with a number of different Mommy Blogs that are giving away the Blooming Bath for Babies bath tub for free!! There are two giveaways going on right now during the month of May, just in time for baby shower season.

    The first giveaway is being featured on the Does Mommy Love It blog site and ends May 22. All you have to do to win your very own plush, adorable Blooming Bath baby bath tub is to follow the Does Mommy Love it pinboards and share what you like about the Blooming Bath. The site is also allowing for additional entries by posting the contest to your Facebook wall, subscribing to the Does Mommy Love It? site and leaving a comment, or Tweeting about the contest. Visit the Does Mommy Love It? page to read a full review of the Blooming Bath and for more info about how to win.

    A second Blooming Bath giveaway is being featured on the Mom on Dealz site and runs until May 25. To win the Blooming Bath, simply visit the Blooming Bath page and then go back to the Moms on Dealz page and leave a post about what color you would choose if you win. You can also be entered to win their contest by following the Mom on Dealz Facebook page and leaving a comment or signing up for their daily emails. For more information about this giveaway, visit their Blooming Bath review page.

    Good Luck!

    Happy Girl In Her Blooming Bath Baby Bath
  • The Blooming Bath A Star On STAR 94.1 Radio

    If you happen to live in the greater San Diego area, you've probably heard the AJ in the Morning Show on STAR 94.1 FM. Hula, one of the show's producers has a pregnant wife (congratulations to both soon-to-be parents). The couple was recently given a baby shower gift of the pink Blooming Bath and they liked it so much, it was recently featured on Hula's Baby Blog site.

    Thanks for the shout out STAR 94.1 - we're big fans of yours as well. And, for all of our listeners out there, be sure to remember to pick up the Blooming Bath for your next baby shower gift. We're guessing your friends won't be able to stop talking (and blogging) about it either!


  • New Blooming Bath Review

    We love to hear our customers share their experiences using The Blooming Bath for babies. Here is a recent review from WannaBeMommy2B on YouTube. Check it out. And keep sending us your reviews! We especially like to see pictures and videos of your babies using their Blooming Bath baby bathtub during bath time!

  • The Blooming Bath Isn't Just Adorable - It's Rad!

    We're proud to announce the Blooming Bath for babies was just given the "It's Rad" award from The Posh Little Baby Blog. Karen over at Posh tells us that she hands out the sought after title to baby products that really stick stand out to her. The ones she finds herself raving about and recommending to all her friends. Thanks Karen!

    In her review, Karen also talks about one of the little-talked about features of the Blooming Bath for babies, its ability to keep the water temperature warm and consistent throughout baby's bath without cold spots. She also found it much more comfortable for her baby than other plastic tubs she's bought in the past. Having had 4 babies, we consider her quite the discerning reviewer. Read Karen's entire review of the Blooming Bath for babies here.

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