Petals Blooming Bath Washcloths, We Definitely Love You

A flower just wouldn’t be a flower without its petals. Oftentimes, all it takes is a few petals strewn about to create a breathtakingly beautiful scene. And without petals, how would we ever find out if he/she loves us (or loves us not)? At Blooming Bath, we took our cue from nature when we decided that every flower could do with a few extra petals. That’s why we created our Petals Baby Bath Washcloths. And just like the Blooming Bath flower these petals “fall” from, they are super soft and super comfortable.

Blooming Bath’s Petals Baby Bath Washcloths are one of the latest baby products in our comfy baby bathing line. These super soft washcloths were conceived during production of our Blooming Bath for babies bathtub blooms. Not wanting even one spare inch of our comfy baby bath material to go to waste, we took what fell from the bloom of our baby bathtubs and created these adorably fun petals.

Made of luxurious polyester plush cloth, just like the soft tub layer of the blooming bath, they are soft against babies skin and absorb the perfect amount of water and soap to get baby clean and happy with every bath.

Our Petals Baby Bath Washcloths come in packs of 3 in the same fun colors as the Blooming Bath for babies bathtubs – canary yellow, turquoise and hot pink. They make a great addition to your Blooming Bath for babies purchase. And, at just $9.99 per packet, you can afford to mix and match all of your favorite colors.

Order your Petals Baby Bath Washcloths today. They also make the perfect baby shower gift for new moms and dads.

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