Putting The Fun Back in Bath Time

When you’re pregnant, bath time with your new baby often conjures up thoughts of a cute rubber ducky floating by, splishing and splashing, laughing and an overall relaxing time to connect with your little one. In reality though, bath time with baby can be more stressful than anticipated, especially when they are in their first few months.

The logistics of keeping a slippery, wet baby safe, warm and comfortable can all quickly take the fun out of the moment. That’s one of the main reasons we created the Blooming Bath. We wanted to make a comfortable, safe bath for babies while also empowering their parents. In addition, the Blooming Bath has the added benefit of being absolutely adorable.

We are excited to report that our customers think so too. In a little over one year in business Blooming Bath has been named a finalist in the 2012 SheKnows Parenting Awards Bathtubs category. We are one of four baby bathtubs that are “Making bathing your baby fun!”

Check out the SheKnows article and read all about the baby bathtubs that are putting the fun back in bath time with baby – and don’t forget to vote for your favorite. Cast your vote for the Blooming Bath baby tub before October 31 and let everyone know how much you love the Blooming Bath!

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