So. Blooming. Cute.

So. Stinking. Cute.

Seriously, look at this kiddo. How happy is she?

We love getting photos from our ever-growing Blooming Bath family. And since we're a new and small (but growing!) company — in a pretty miserable economy, no less — we especially love it when folks post these pictures on their blogs for all the world to see.

And we super-espeically love it when people write stuff like this...

"When I first pulled up the website and saw the product, I thought to myself..."this is one of those fancy, yet totally unneccesary baby products." My husband happenned to be sitting with me and he agreed. But as I searched the website longer it hit me — this would have been PERFECT for trips to Grandma's house! See, I always had one of those plastic baby bathtubs, but Grandma didn't have one. Any time I needed to give Maggie a bath there when she was tiny it was SO hard! When I tried to give her a bath in the sink she was sliding all over the place so I had to hold her with one hand (which was still slippery!) and gosh was it hard to try to clean her with the other!"

That's from

And she wasn't done...

"Not only that, but then I got to thinking about how bath time used to be with Maggie, before she could sit up on her own. Giving Maggie a bath in one of those little plastic bathtubs WAS a challenge. I mean, where do you put the tub? I used to put ours in the big bathtub, but let's be honest--that's hard on your back! I put it on our bed when she was very tiny, but once she started splashing that didn't work anymore either!"

So, yeah... definitely not a fan of traditional baby bath tubs. But she likes Blooming Bath — and it's pretty clear that little Maggie does too.

(Did we mention how cute that kid is? Geeesh!)


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